my hospice care

Just wanted to reassure people who may have read snippets about me from here and there that I’m fine and relaxed at the hospoice whilst recovering from the radiotherapy to shrink my tumour that stops me swallowing.
I’ve hit the mid cooking phase of rads now so painful even to lift a pillow but being cared for so well here and the children love the gardens with all it’s ornamnets in etc and taht I’ve got my own en- suite room with patio and alcohol on tap. Free wifi access!!! No problems with getting pain under control and being looked after so well - not sure I wnat to go home!!!
I just wanted to reassure you all that a hospice is not a scary place to be and most of us here are for rehab so it is not scary for the children and I will be home soon and annoying you all again!!!
Hopefully, none of you will require the service of the hospice but if you are ever offered the opportunity then take it - I’ve had so much support here from the social workers, nurses and doctors and the domestic staff are wonderful getting my food as I need it and all so clean.
Love Kate

Hi Kate - It’s so wonderful to read your posting and to know that your are being so very well looked after, I know there were one or two problems at the beginning. The lymphoedema clinic I used to work at was based at a hospice. It offered day care, but I thought it was a wonderful place. From that experience, and from visiting other hospices, I have always thought that should I need their services I would be really pleased to be able to go to a hospice. I am so pleased that it is working out so well for you, and so enhancing the quality of your life, which is what hospices are all about. With lots of love Sarah xx

Thanks so much Kate for such a reassuring post. - especially the bit about being there for rehab, it’s so important how the children perceive it. (I’m hoping to visit my local hospice sometime, maybe with the local Living with Cancer self-help group that I attend.)

It’s always good to hear from you wherever you are :slight_smile:


Hi Kate,
great to hear from you, glad you are enjoying your stay at hospice. My friend Wendy works one day a week in one and loves it.I think they do a fabulous job.
Hope you will be home soon.

Love Debsxxx

Make the most of your lovely sounding environment - because we do expect you back home ASAP! Reassuring to hear of your positive hospice experience.


Hi Kate

Good to hear that you are more comfortable.

I am in my local hospice and just wanted to add what a wonderful place it is and not too scary for children. My daughter loves to come to play pool/ snooker !! Not only that but they really support the whole family.

Wishing you strength as always.

Hi Kate

I’m really pleased to hear that you’re comfortable at the hospice. You paint a very different picture to the one I had in my head. I hope the pain from the rads subsides soon and that you can get back to enjoying your food. The weather forecast promises some hot weather this week, so I hope the kids enjoy the lush gardens - my chemo imagination is a bit overractive so I have a vision of the gardens with a scattering of oriental sculptures, gnomes and water features (waterfall!), amongst other “ornaments”. Enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

Hello Kate

How good it is to see you posting here again - you’ve been much missed. We always appreciate the updates and your generosity of advice to everyone. It is warming to think of a hospice as a true place of respite and care for you so please let the staff know that all your friends here are extremely happy that your needs are being looked after so very well.

Wishing you continued strength, with love

Hi Kate

So glad to hear that you are receiving the care and support that you need. It’s good that the children are comfortable with the place too. I have always had a great admiration for the people who work in the hospices.

Take care and enjoy the facilities.

Hi Kate

So good to read your various posts and then to read this, which paints such a good picture of you and your new surroundings. Like all things we haven’t experienced, there is a tendency to have a picture in our heads of what somewhere like a hospice might be which might not be a correct picture at all - based on myth really. So to hear of your own experiences gives me certainly a reassurance and an updated picture which hopefully is much nearer the reality.

Take care. Make the most of the time you have in the hospice and then really enjoy being back home.

Lots of love

Kay x

Hi Kate

So good to know you are comfortable and rested.

Love P xxx

Hi Kate
Its nice to hear from you, I’m really glad your feeling looked after.
Love and Best Wishes to you and your family
Liz x

Hi Kate

Glad to hear you are doing ok in the hospice, we all assume it is a scary place and lovely to hear its not. Glad to hear you are getting great support from the staff.

Make the most of being waited on and relax.

Great to hear from you.

Beli x

Hi Kate so glad to read your positive experiences,enjoy the rest while you can!

Hi Kate

I had never thought of hospices as scary but I was concerned about your early days there, with the other patients. I am so glad that you now have your own room and lots of support and look forward to hearing your pain has eased and hope that the swallowing will improve.

Louise x

Like Louise I had never thought of hospices as scary places…I hoped for the opposite that they might be places of comfort…different and better than a hospital experience…I was very concerend and angry about your description of the first few days…not least becaue you’re in my local hospice.

So I’m really pleased that now things are so much better and you are getting the quality care that hospices should always provide.

love and best wishes


hi glad to see that your a little better today ,and that you are resting in the lovely hospice .my sister had such wonderful care whilst she was in the one in brighton ,sadly she didnt come home to us ,but in her memory my daughter and myself are doing the midnight beach walk to raise funds for our local hospice,they are really wonderful places ,and as you say lots of patients use them for care ,to get them back on thier feet again .do hope you continue to recover well .lynn xx

I agree Kate
I always thought that Hospices were scary places -places where you go to die. Then I went on a ‘living with cancer’ course at my local hospice earlier this year. I saw a completely different side to it and really enjoyed going every week. I have been asked now to be in a dvd which the hospice are making to show the out patient side to their work which I am looking forward to doing

Hi Kate,
Good to see you posting and pleased that you are getting a good quality of care and support, when my friend was in our local hospice the care she recieved was wonderful and also the help and support her husband and daughters recieved both whilst she was there and after her death was wonderful.
I was quite worried about visiting her when she first went in…but found it a very peaceful place set in beautiful grounds…not at all as I’d imagined.
I hope you will soon be able to return home and that the radiotherapy effects calm down soon.

karen xx

Hi Kate

I am so pleased for you that you are having quality time just now in the Hospice. My husband works at our local hospice, not on the medical staff, but building and ground maintenance.

He was nervous about starting there, but loves his rewarding job amongst lovely people. He often tells me about the day patients and people in for respite or pain management, and how much they laugh there.

I was pleased to see how many people mention the grounds as an important place as he has been working really hard to improve this part of the hospice. I will pass this on to keep encouraging him that it is all worth it.

So Kate, enjoy your stay and return home revitalised and relaxed.

Love Irene