My Jaw Aches on the left side

Hi everyone, hope your all in good spirits. since i had my ops, i have twice now had fits of sneezing followed by a fair amount of pain on the left side of my jaw (it all seems to happen on my left side) its painful to eat, and aches for a few days, will mention it to my onc next time i see him, just wondered if anyone else had had the same. by the way, i am on tamoxifen

Alison xxxx

Hiya Alison, Funny but i put a similar posting yesterday under ‘cough’ but mentioned that the rt side of my jaw was hurting. My lump was rt side too and i am also on tamoxifen! Op was 5 weeks ago, tamoxifen 4 weeks ago. Pain since 2 weeks ago.
Not sure if this helps?
Julie X

Hi Julie, i had my first op 15th of june, main op on the 29th of june, then another op on the 10th of july, started tomaxifen a week after, so about the same time as you, and this is the second time i have had this, just glad its not just me, must be something to do with the tamoxifen, do your knees hurt too? mine are so stiff, its unreal

Alison xxxx

Hi Alison, No problems with Knees just a cough like I said. Good to know I’m not the only one!!!
Love Julie XX

i’m getting sick of aches and pains, felt like i’ve been through enough as it is, when does this ever end i wonder?, never had a day off before all this happened

love Alison xxxxxx

i used to be such a happy go lucky sort of person! Its not fair is it. Sharing all this helps though doesn’t it?
Julie XXX

it really does Julie, just took me sleeping tablets and am ready for the land of nodd, i sometimes wonder what normality was , but guess i;ll get there again when i;m ready, i;m sick of telliing people i feel ok, so am going to start to be the real me and if they don;t like it they can stuff it lol

Alison xxxxx


I was talking to a lady yesterday, who used to take Tamoxifen and she came of it, as it was making her hips ache really badly. Another side effect to look forward to - great!

Julie N.