My journey with Breast Cancer.

The mighty beast has claimed another victim in it mission to steal and to destroy life. But guest what! She was cut red handed.
On the 10th of March 2010 at 11o clock I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer grade 3B. On arrival of the news, I felt electrocuted, the pain, anger and shocking waves the message sent through my spine cannot be emphasised. Death was my only vocabulary, I felt breast cancer and death were a one-way traffic and there was no U turn.
Few hours into my unique journey, I said to myself but this beast has not killed me yet so have the chance to tell my story, so hopefully breast cancer awareness could be intensified…
From sporting the mighty beast to referral, diagnosis, operation and then treatment has been immaculately fast. Four weeks maximum the whole process took although I await my chemotherapy treatment.
While waiting for my chemo treatment, I began to reflect on my roller coaster journey that has no destination. I then turn to God for him to put the brakes down on my journey so that I can stop and think. Oh! Yes he did. I grew strength from day to day. But some days, the thought of cancer makes you feel like this beast is hear to steal and kill.
I then had to realise how lucky I was for me to have noticed something that feels like a lump between my breast and rib. How lucky I was to have the ability to go to my GP and check it out. How lucky I was for it to be detected at an early stage rather than later. How lucky I am in less than 4 weeks to be diagnosed and have had my ops and await my Chemotherapy. I then quickly realised that there must be a way-out of this awful journey.
I had to join the club (Breast Cancer) that no body wants to join.

Welcome aggietop, How well put! I couldn´t have described it better myself.

BC is devastating but very doable, as you are finding out! You will have good and bad days especially when you start your chemo, have they given you a date yet?

I have a saying which keeps me going “I have the cancer, The cancer doesn´t have me” it can take over your life if you allow it, but be positive, you will meet lots of fab people on this site who have or are going through what you are, nobody uderstands better than us that are going through it!

Feel free to scream and shout too we all do!

Take care, and keep in touch, Teresa xxx

Hi Aggietop
Sorry you had to find yourself here, but as muffett says, it is doable. Its incredible how lots of people remain sane through this awful process, but keeping a journal will help you get a perspective on the whole journey. I ve been writing down feeling, appts, peoples reactions-really everything thats happened since dx.
Its now 6 months since dx and I can look back on what Ive written and see how far Ive come.
We are incredibly strong when we need to be
Take care

Hi aggietop, these forums are full of inspirational women who are all showing extreme courage and determination, there is so much support and you don’t have to be alone on this journey. I am less than two months since dx and waiting for chemo to start and being on these forum has been a big help in coping with the last weeks. I hope you will find this helpful, too. xxxTina


I was dx 21 May 2008 and I’m still here! Yes, I remember feeling just the same when I was diagnosed. You just need to take one step at a time. Don’t look into the future 'cos at the moment it seems bleak, as it does for all of us when first dx.

Now I’m putting all the treatment etc in a box at the back of my mind and getting on with life. And you will too, although it’s hard to believe that at the moment. You will get over/past this and you just have to mark the days off on the calendar.

Good luck

Mal x