My last Herceptin today!!

Just feel a bit ecstatic that I had my 18th and last Herceptin today!! The nurse asked me when my next appointment is and I said I have no next appointment. Incredible that after Nov 2011 (DX) I have come that far and can say “so far so good”. I know the cancer might well come back but for today I’m so thankful.

Congratulations! Wonderful feeling walking out of the chemo unit for the last time.
Hope you have something suitable chilling in the fridge to help you celebrate tonight!

Congratulations 3network3 what a longhaul you have had, well done ! Go forth and enjoy life x

Congratulations! I have my last Herceptin next week :slight_smile:

Great Lizzy, it’s funny it feels like something extra-ordinary has to happen now, like selling house and moving abroad lol (still on Tam, but that’s OK)

Well done 3network3!!!
I remember that feeling last June!!
Now, pick up where you left off before this nightmare began!!
And open something bubbly!!
Mandy xx

Whooop well done xxx

Well done, now go and celebrate !!

That’s brilliant! xx

woohoo! well done xx

Congratulations. Fantastic feeling when another lot of treatment has been completed succefully . Well done You :slight_smile:

Before Christmas I my right breast suddenly became sore and reddened. I had friends staying with me, I live in SW France, and soreness went away. I’ve lived with a breast cyst for years as had one of my guests and we both thought it was probably cyst gone rogue. Had my two yearly mammagram booked for january 22nd. In the New Year the problem returned with a vengeance and I went straight to the doctor. As it was about 3 days before my Mammagram he did a note for the Radiography Department, and off I went. I had a mammagram, Ultrasound and then was told they were not happy with the result was booked in the next day for a biopsy. I had a cone biopsy, skin biopsy, needle biopsy and an aspiration. I waited 7 days for the results which came the day I had my stitches out at the doctors.

He immediately referred me to the Oncology department, told me it was grave, which is French speak for dreadful, and I saw one of the surgical team on the 25th. He took a look told me it was Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and a secondary cancer of another sort in my right breast. By this time I was just numb, others have said they felt like they’d been run over by a truck, I felt like a whole fleet had got me. He will do my mastectomy but because of the type of cancer I have to have Chemo first. Six sessions, they will check after the third to see if it is working as with this type of cancer it some times doesn’t. I saw the Oncologist at the main Cancer Hospital here on Friday last, and he filled me with confidence, tomorrow I go into hospital as a Day Case to have a box fitted through which my Chemo will be delivered. I then have to have an ECG and a bone density scan, and by the 11th will be ready for my first dose of chemo.

Am very frightened even though I have loads of support, I was perfectly happy and healthy. I grow my own vegetables, breed Runner Ducks, have two cats and a dog, and loads of fabulous supportive friends, but this thing has really got to me. I intend to fight, and hope to win the battle against this truly horrible disease.

I love the oncologist who filled you with confidence - that’s just fantastic - you are in good hands :slight_smile:

Fightingit I have sent you a private message.

Fantastic news, definitely bubbly so pleased for you. I’m a long way from that point, but looking forward to the moment.

I had my first Chemo 6 days ago, the Oncologist came in to see me twice, and told me the good news that the cancer is only in my right breast hasn’t spread anywhere. He came in again with prescriptions for wigs, anti-emetics, anti run and mouthwashes. Fabulous treatment, the nurse who is looking after me on this journey, the lady that is going to give me a massage when I go back in again and a much needed manicure. Hair off tomorrow, wigs on the 26th. Next chemo is March 6. I think I am lucky after reading some of the other stories about reactions, but mine was just a sort of mild nausea (similar to indigestion), and hopefully that will be the case all the time (don’t know if anyone else has tried them but found seasick bands helped enormously). Supportive neighbours, watchfull friends, and hopefully hanging on to my sense of humour will get me through this. a bientot everyone. from France.

Hi Fightingit, good to hear your doing so well and great news on results !!
You will feel better now treatment has begun, it’s like you are taking control and fighting back .