My Mom Has Breast Cancer we are all depressed, Help me Figure out the cost.

Hello, my name is henry (son of a breast cancer victim)
I’m sorry if I’m stressing anyone out. I realise this is breast cancer forum majority female.
My mom got diagnosed with IDC HER2 Neg in July 2015, I was in Med school when the news broke. I have just dropped out of med school and may reapply after I’m done helping out my mom. She is a teacher in Northen Nigeria, so not much savings but managed to save 4000. Upon dropping out till date I became business oriented and have raised 15,000 by selling clothes, green tea and healthy food supplements. I have 3 senior brothers who just got jobs and all 3 can only raise 1000. I have taken Breast cancer internet research and I’m grateful to have stumbled across this site. I want to congratulate you all for your courage. My mum is not internet literate so I have taken it upon myself to do everything related to finances and research, I pray so very much she joins the group of courageous woman as you all.
My country has one of the lowest chances of survival rates and I can’t take such chances with my lovely mom .
My research brought me to France having the best health care system and breast cancer survival rate. I’m already so so sorry for my long post, please forgive me.
Here are my questions :

  1. How do I apply for I and my moms health visa
  2. Is 20,000 going to be enough for cancer treatment
  3. Are we taking so much time ? I don’t want it to be too late
    4.What are the best options for hospitals
    5.Do french hospitals offee discounts
    6.How long does the overall treatment take? In weeks
    7.Does she have a chance of surviving, I’m afraid I may get screwed up mentally if she doesn’t make it , because she brought me this far and I was just in my 3rd year of 6th year of med school and haven’t gone much far to help her out?
  4. Any charities that helps foreigners?
    Thank you so much and I apologize for so many questions.

Dear Henry


Sorry to hear about your mother.

Unfortunately you have joined a UK forum and it is unlikely anyone will be able to answer your questions with regard to the French healthcare system it is completely different to the UK’s National Health Service.


Good luck in your search for help.