my mouth!

Have my radiotherapy in the new year and then (hooefully) done.No more chemo needed as lumpectomy and nose clearance successful and last chemo was the beginning of September.At my wits end as to what to do about my mouth! I was troubled with a bad mouth at the first chemo…thrush and ulcers although the gelclair kept it under control and the bad taste but towards the end of treatment my dry mouth has got much worse until it’s there constantly.Also it feels like I’m sucking on a block of salt all the time.Its worse after any food or drink…I don’t eat spicey food or put salt on my food at all now but can worsen at any time.My teeth feel “squeaky” and I can’t speak properly sometimes.I went to the dentist before surgery and was told straight away my very dry mouth is causing decay…terrified of the dentist and losing my teeth! I chew sugar free gum to relief it a bit and discs you place on your gum at night to relief it but I can’t constantly be doing this and it gets expensive and frustrating.Can anyone help? Never heard of anyone who gets this problem severely.

Dear Treeze

how awful for you. I haven’t heard of anybody else who has had mouth trouble like you but a couple of things spring to mind.

firstly is there a specialist dental department at your hospital? Or another dentist? Sounds like yours is good at stating the obvious without trying to find a solution.

secondly, stupid question but are you drinking enough?? Also are you just mouth breathing rather than using your nose? That would dry things up quicker.

hopefully as you get further away from last chemo things will naturally improve anyway

sorry if no help at all

take care