my mum is fighting breast cancer

hey, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in april. she had her left breast removed and is now having chemo. she has a session every three weeks unitl xmas eve and then she will move onto radiotherapy. my mothers mother died from breast cancer 24 years ago. does this family history give me more of a chance of getting breast cancer. i am only 21 years old and feel that waiting till i am 50 is a very very long time to have a routine mamogram. my other concern is that last year i found a lump just above my breast near my arm pit. i went to see a doctor. he had a prod and told me it was most likely fatty tissue and it should go away. it had gone 2 weeks later when i returned to see him. although the lump is gone since my mothers diagnosis and all the tests she had done how could he possibly tell from just having a feel.

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Please call our helpline for a chat with one of our specialist nurses who can offer you further support, information and advice, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 and it’s open Saturday 9am-2pm and weekdays 9am-5pm. You may also find our publication ‘Breast Awareness’ useful to read, it includes information about normal changes the breasts can go through in life and also what to do when you find a change, just follow the link below and you can read this online:

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Hi Ally-with your Mum and grandmother having had BC, then you should be able to have genetic testing (if you want it). Our daughter was tested at 22 and was glad that she did it, although we discussed it fully beforehand, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Some clinics are opposed to testing so young, but would no doubt at least talk to you and chat through your options. There is very little in terms of monitoring that can be done until late 20s/early 30s, when the breast tissue becomes slightly less dense. So for the meantime, our daughter has the knowledge that she has the BRC2 misprint, and no monitoring available for a few years yet. Quite a hard burden, but she was adamant that she wanted to know, and the genetic consultant was prepared to do the test, after meeting with us on a few occasions. I would think that even if you didn’t want to do genetic testing, then you would at least be eligible to get monitored sooner than 50.

Hope your Mum’s treatment is going well, and that she’s not having too many side effects with the treatment.

Incidentally, most lumps which occur at your age will be benign, but it would be as well to mention your family history to your gp if it happens again.

Hi Ally

It will depend on what age your mother and grandmother had b.c. as they will normally only do genetic testing if they are pre-menopausal.

I’ve just had my results of my genetic test as both my mum and her sister were pre-menopausal at the time of their diagnosis.

Hope this helps.