My Mum might have breast cancer - waiting for results.

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I come on here because I am so worried about my Mum (who is 54). On the 1st november she had a mammogram (not her first) and she was very confident all would be fine as it has been before as there is no history of cancer in our family (other then prostrate). But she was called back for a second mammogram for the 27th november. I didn’t go with her as her boyfriend took her and she completely assured me everything would be fine.
But she rung me when she had come out and told me they had found some discoloured tissue. They done a biopsy but she doesn’t get the results until the 11th December which is such a long time to wait!!
The dr said it was 1cm but then the nurse who did the biopsy said it was 2-3 cm? So confusing. My Mum said she didnt query it at the time because she was in shock.
She asked them what they thought it was and they said they think it is cancer :frowning:
I’m so scared. I’m 24 but I am so close to my Mum and I live with her at the moment with my son. I’m acting fine around her and my son but when I’m alone or with some one else I just feel like breaking down. I know that there is a high survival rate for breast cancer but I am so scared I am going to lose my Mum
Has anyone else on here been told they think it is cancer and it turned out not to be?
Thanks for reading xx

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While you are waiting for replies, I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you might find helpful. Also our helpline team are just a free phone call away, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2

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Hi bumblegirl


Sorry to hear you and your Mum are going through this.   The waiting for results is agony.  Although it was a shock getting my diagnosis, my mind calmed down a bit from then because they gave me a treatment plan and I knew what I was dealing with.  It is all very confusing and frightening, especially the bit before you get your results.  Your Mum is lucky to have you looking out for her.  Good luck for next week.

Sorry to hear about your mum bumblegirl.
It is interesting to hear from the otherside.
I am convinced I have something but still waiting on my tests to be done never mind the results!
However, like your mum doesnt want to worry you I dont want to worry my parents (Im 23 and living 90miles away).
But like you and your mum we are extremely close.
I am taking my fiance with me to the appointment and not really telling anyone else because I dont want to cause worry if it turns out to be nothing, however when the time comes that I do have to tell my mum I am petrified of her reaction.

Lots of love, hope it turns out to be something small and something that can be easily dealt with.

Thanks for replying. Well my Mum gets the results on wednesday. The last 2 weeks have dragged so much.
I hope your results are good news too xx