My mum recently diagnosed with breast cancer

Hello ladies,
My mum has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and the from the first biopsy it was confirmed as DCIS however lymph nodes shown abnormal cells, after further tests it turns out lymph nodes are cancerous and is showing as aggressive. Ct scan and bone scan come back clear and okay but also found abnormal cells in her neck so were all very confused as to how the DCIS seems to have spread further? Her breast surgeon also said she would say she’s between stage 3-4 so as they don’t know what to treat her with she’s recently had a vacuum assisted biopsy for further tests to see what to treat her with. A radiologist said he has only heard of 1 other case where dcis has spread to lymph nodes and beyond which really doesn’t give me any reassurance that things will be ok. Has any one else experienced or know someone who maybe has the same thing ?

Hi Shiningstar, 


Im sorry to hear of your mums diagnosis, how confusing this must be for you all. I’ve not come across anyone with pure DCIS having spread to lymph glands, once a tumour is removed and tested fully they do sometimes find an invasive cancer along side the DCIS, I had a mix of both but I knew that from my first biopsy. 


Her team will work out a treatment plan once all tests are complete, even the most aggressive breast cancers are treatable. It’s great news that her scans have come back clear so there is plenty to be positive about. 


Please let us know how things go Xx Jo 

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Dear Shinningstar93, So sorry to hear that your mum has joined this unique group and not through choice. This forum has been a god send to me especially in the beginning when first diagnosed but also now post op. My cancer is same as your mum’s . I had a invasive ductal tumour in milk ducts but also in my lymph nodes on the left side. Strange as I think this was present first as a year and 1 month earlier I had visited the breast clinic with a lump under my arm and pain to be told scar tissue from infection. The pain continued and particularly flared up when stressed. I was operated on the 1st Oct and surgeon told me they had to remove far more flesh than intended as the cancer in my lymph nodes was very aggressive. I also have something that has shown in my lung but they are monitoring that.Ct in 6 months. I had the tumour removed, lymph nodes removed and breast reconstruction on both sides. I would only be honest the recovery is rough. Hope your mum gets her plan soon. It does help when you know what the plan is. Plus when you know it has been removed. Keep positive. mx