My Mum started EC Chemo

Is anyone else having EC Chemo? My Mum has just had her second session. She hasn’t really eaten much for the last 3 days and was wondering if this was normal?


Has she lost her appetite because of nausea? I found that made me uninterested in food, but it is important to eat, so try and get her to eat something. Doesn’t matter what!! At times the only thing I could manage was tomato soup, which is what my mum gave us when we were ill as children, so I find it a great comfort food. I also ate a lot of sweet stuff, cakes and chocolate. Some ladies find ginger biscuits or ginger drinks help too. If it doesn’t improve, ask for different anti-sick meds next time… there are many to chose from, find one that works for her.

Hope she can find something she can manage…

Good luck

Hello there
I have had one EC and as Shannon knows gave me quite bad nausea, have posted on neo tango thread. Tomato soup is good also lucazade, ginger ale soda water and coke. I have found that I can keep down plain pasta, toast and egg fried rice! Also I feel very sick if I eat a large amount in one go. It does seem to ease as time goes on.
Best wishes to your mum
Alison x

Hi - if your Mum is not able to eat, she may care to ask her Oncologist about Fortijuice. It is an alternative to food and contains all the nutrients and minerals to keep one alive. I had complications with Crohn’s, and even home made soup with the solids strained out, gave me instant faecal incontinence. I lived on this stuff for 4 months whilst having FEC chemo- 3 cartons a day, each carton has 300 cals. My Oncologist prescribed it and it was supplied free of charge by the hospital pharmacy. It comes in 9 different flavours, and was sent direct to my home. There was an unexpected bonus to having this - my husband who was 74 yrs then, learned to cook! We live in an isolated position and there are no fast food restuarants or take-aways nearby, so it was either cook or go hungry. He now makes the evening meal 2-3 times a week and his cooking is better than most restaurants.



I drank what seemed to be gallons of ginger beer, ginger ale and occasionally a finger of Stone’s Green Ginger wine, topped up with ginger ale and ice. The ginger really did quell the nausea, although I did take the anti-nausea meds.


Just a thought but is your mum suffering from constipation?
After my second FEC I didn’t take my Senokot and therefore suffered dreadfully as I simply didn’t feel hungry and felt very bloated. Without going into too much detail my stomach was full of air as nothing was shifting! For three days I ate nothing at all. The doctor prescribed Movicol which did the trick. I remember getting up at 2am one morning to make a ham sandwich as I was sooooo hungry!!!

Good luck, A.

Hi ,

Yes, she has lost her appetite through nausea. Today she has had a piece of toast, banana and a bacon sandwich also a build up drink. She has been constipated but has Senokot. I will try and get her to try Ginger ale. It’s just a worrying time. How many days does the nausea last for?

thanks for your replies