My Mum's Chemo - Yesterday 1st Day

Dear All,

I am a new register to this website after finding out my mum has stage III breast cancer. I was working overseas when I had the phone call from my dad about mum and will remember that day forever. She has had surgery and started her fist session of Chemo yesterday. Although I wasn’t going through it, the whole Chemo itself wasn’t too distressing for Mum and we thought we was going to be lucky with the effects until 1am this morning when mum was shaking, being sick, headaches the lot. Does anyone know if this is to be expected?

Would be great to hear from you all.

Many Thanks

Jenna x

Hiya Jenna,

I am so sorry to hear of your mums diagnosis but I’m ‘glad’ you have found us here. ‘Welcome’ to this most awesome site, I’m sure you will find it a great source of comfort, support and advice as you all start out on this journey. I was diagnosed with bc in March, age 34, and had a right mastectomy and total axillary clearance a week after diagnosis. I started chemo in May and am due to have my final session next weds.

What chemo is your mum having? There are a few that they can give us, mine is E-CMF whilst others have FEC and Tax, and there’s prob more that I’ve forgotten. Unfortunately they nearly all have some pretty fierce side effects. Some of us get off very lightly, whilst others have a pretty rough time on chemo. I’m obviously no expert but it defo sounds to me like your mum is suffering from some of the many side effects.

I really hope your mum is better today. If she is still being sick then you must contact her chemo unit as there are a million combinations of anti-sickness meds they can give her, and if hers aren’t working they can be tweaked. Please make sure your mum drinks as much fluids as she can handle, this defo helps me. Also, ‘travel bands’ which cost about £7 from Boots are excellant for nausea, and can be worn day and night of necessary. When I first started chemo I barely took them off the first few days!!! I started a thread on this page entitled ‘top tips for chemo’. Many others contributed to it too, so check it out if you get a chance. Also, the help line this site offers is great, and its well worth giving them a ring if you are worried about anything at all.

I wish you and your family the very best, and you know where we are if you need us,

Take care and I do hope your mum is better today,



Hi Jenna,

The being sick is a common side effect however this can be controlled. I needed a quite strong anti sickness drug, it wasn’t the first prescribed. The headache could be related to dehydration, the amount of chemicals in chemo can play us up. Regarding the shaking, I am not so sure about that I never had that problem.

I think it is worth keeping a check on your mums temperature and if its high phone the chemo clinic straight away as she might be having a reaction or become susceptible to infections.
If your mum or dad is at all worried don’t be frightened about ringing the clinic or breastcare nurse as they are there to help people through this. Sometimes people are not suited to the ‘regime’ they have been given and adjustments need to be made.

I don’t want to sound like an expert as you will find that we have all had different experience of chemo, but please contact the other experts at the hospital for peace of mind.


Hi Jenna
I also had my first chemo this week, Wedenesday and on the first day I had sickness and a metallic taste in the mouth.

If you look on different postings you will find loads of help for you, your mum and your family

Being there for your Mum is a great thing you can do at this time either in person, phone, email or post just so that she knows your there for her, also dont forget your Dad he is suffering to.