My New Breast - BBC documentary

Hi all

I would like to bring your attention to a documentary aired on Monday this week and still available on BBC Iplayer.

I just want to say what a fabulous programme. If you are looking at mastectomy and reconstruction or just breast cancer this may be of interest to you. Possibly not for the squeamish.

I think the women who took part are very brave to allow the world into their stressful moments and to share it with us. It had me in tears but was also inspirational.

I have not been required to have a mastectomy and my wishes go out to all of you who are in this position.

Best wishes



Sadly I missed the programme and was too late to get on iplayer. I am pleased that it seems to have provoked good reaction in people who saw it. I am facing a mastectomy soon and trying to decide whether or not to have immediate reconstruction…so difficult.

Thanks for your positive comment anyway!