My poem for you all to share x

when i got breast cancer i started to write poems i like share this one with you all xx
When you walk the path
Its going to be long
and its going to be
up and down.
Its not going to be easy
…when you walk this path
It may be dark and you may feel alone
on this path.
But dont fear the path as
you have your family there by your side
You will all walk it together
hand in hand
please end your fears
knowing your all there for each other
on this path

Thankyou for sharing that and well done!
With best wishes to everyone on the path, whichever part they are on.
Julie x

Thank you Jane, I’m just starting out and that’s a lovely poem to think about for me. Hugs, Lynne

I wrote 25 now may be i do a little book of poems call it pink poems lol x


thanks for sharing that, I do think it helps to write about it. it’s only been 2 weeks still i found out my lump was bad and only 5 days since my operation but i’ve been keeping a journal - i’ve told my family if i’m not saying much just to have a read as i sometimes find it easier to write how i feel than to say it out loud. Karen

Yes,why not?!
Keep it going and good luck with your journey. Julie x

have just shared this poem with someone on here who has her op tomorrow as 2 years ago i wrote it the nite before mine.

today is my day
the sun shines and my face smiles
today is my day
i feel as warm as the sun
today is my day.

tomorrow dark sky
and rain will fall
like my tears will fall
my fear inside is dark like the sky
but i will hold on to my day
the sun and the warmth and all will be fine
on my day

my day has come
theres a big storm and winds out today
just how i feel being in a storm
with high winds which blow me over to the ground
but then i had a thought
of my day
and picked myself up and shouted out loud
today is my day

jane x