My secondaries are 5 today!

Five years ago today I was told I had secs, the onc felt another lump I was sent to the breast clinic and warned it did not look good. Several hours later I was told I had lots of clusters in my liver and prognosis was not good. Chemo could buy me more time, no chemo and I was looking at weeks.
We drove home in silence other than the old sniff every tear that dropped sounded like a loud plop and exchanges of really sad, desperate looks and I am sure I could smell fear from within.
After lots of really hard treatments and more days in bed recovering, I am still here and so very grateful.
Off to a clinic appointment today and I feel a lot better than I have for months, but it is all so fragile and I know could change at any moment.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Debs

Glad to hear you’re many years beyond initial expectations, and may you have many more “I’m still here” anniversaries.

Marilyn x (5½ years and counting . . .)

well done Debs, really pleased, celebrating with you.

Hi Debs, all the best to you and may it continue love junieliz

Congratulations and all fingers crossed!!! xx

Really pleased for you Debs, glad you’re feeling relatively well at the moment and may you have many more ‘anniversaries’

Love Lesley xx

wonderful news debs. may there be many more,

love nicky

That’s great news Debs. I hope there’ll be many more anniversaries and glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. It takes a such a long time but glad you’re getting there.
Your story gives us all hope - I hope I make 5 years too.
Anne xx

Congratulation Debs! I hope you will celebrating in style…


Well done Debs I am really pleased for you.

I know it has not been an easy journey and I agree about being very fragile.

It just goes to show how we can all be so different.

have seen so many of your posts Debs since i first came on here ib feb, think it must be the name!! Glad you are feeling better and well done on yr 5 trs milestone, heres to many more, love debs xxx

So pleased Debs, I know what you mean about the fragility of it all. Have a great celebration!
Love Kathryn

Wonderful news and great that you’re feeling better than you had been. I wish you many more years to come and continue the posts, I enjoy them a lot. Pat x

You go girl! and congratulations.

Take care


Congratulations and great that you are feeling well


Congratulations Debs and may there be many good times ahead for you,
Josie xxx

Congrats Debs and thanks for letting us all know and giving us hope. I too would like to be able to celebrate 5 yrs post-dx.
Nicky x

Know exactly what you mean about the fragility of it all, Debs, and we all can but hope for more anniversaries.

Five years definitely merits a celebration!so hope you and Ian have planned a good evening.

Love Kay x

Hi Debs

I have tried twice to post this, I am not sure what the problem is but anyway

Thanks for sharing your positive news.

Take care and keep proving the experts wrong!

Hooray for YOU Debs. :slight_smile: My secondaries are 5 and a half. :slight_smile:
Let’s have a GREAT summer. :slight_smile: Belinda…x.x.