My sister

My sister

My sister Both my sister and I have had breast cancer. I had it when I was 51, and my sister when she was 47.
Recently another sister found she had a lump on her breast, her G.P. told her not to worry, as it was a cyst, but she insisted on seeing a consultant, owing to our family history.
The consultant said it cannot be breast cancer, as both my sister and myself has cancer in our late 40’s or early 50’s, and as she is 64, our family history cannot be taken into consideration.
He says it must be a cyst.
Has anyone had any experience of family members having breast cancer, at different ages, but still having it taken into consideration?
I have always thought that the older you get, the more likely you are to have breast cancer.


Mitch your sister can have a mammogram as she is in permitted age group. Gee her up to get it done and hope it turns out to be a cyst. Best wishes, dilly

Hi David,
My mum was diagnosed at 52 with DCIS, both her sisters were diagnosed aged 41 & 49.

My mum’s previous GP was not interested in the family history at all, we got her changed to a different surgery, they organised a mammogram, and lo and behold she was diagnosed.

Mum & I are now both under Addenbrooke’s genetics clinic and I am classed as high risk.

I would urge you to get your sister to see a different GP or get referred to a genetics clinic, as she is definitely at higher risk.

Good luck


hi mitch
i have 5 female relatives all diagnosed with bc post menopause. i was diagnosed last year at 35. each body is different and therefore docs should not take it for granted that she is ok just because she is a different age. this is the second post i have read where docs have given diagnosis without testing. for all the time it would take to do a mamagram and/or biopsy . most of the doctors i have ever been to have refused to give a definite answer till tests have been done ,mostly to lay my mind at rest and to confirm matters, but also from a legal stand point if they are wrong then they could be charged with negligance and lose their medical licence. kick up holy h**l till they do their jobs,they get paid enough for it.
good luck nicci