My smile for today - eyelashes

Well, the sun is out and my last EC chemo is at the end of the month, happily feeling much better as last poisoning was over a week in the past, just the rash on my face that appears about day 10 to contend with (seriously, spots at the ripe old age of 52!) .

So, getting to ‘the smile’, this morning I looked in the magnifying mirror - I know, stupid thing to do, but am awaiting ‘the rash’'- and there it was… I have been eyelash-less for nearly three months (btw I hate that you can’t hold tears in yours eyes without eyelashes and they just waterfall out when you are least expecting it!!) I have adorable short and stumpy little eyelashes growing ??, reached for the mascara just to be able to see them as they are so pale and there it was, one pale grey full length eyelash on the top row - ONE - !! I have a neat row of cute and stumpy eyelashes and this behemoth of an eyelash taunting them - I can assure you I was seriously tempted to take the scissors to it, but wondered if I did possibly the new stumpies might stop growing as they are aspiring to be this eyelash one day…

Getting my smiles where I can, and hoping it makes you smile too xxx

Hi MotherofdragonsX,

Thanks for such a lovely post :smileyhappy: I’m sure you’ll get some responses soon.

Best wishes,