My story so far...

Hi all,


Not quite sure where to start or what to say but here’s my story so far…


Approximately three weeks ago I noticed a lump under my right armpit whilst in the shower.  As it didn’t do the decent thing and disappear of its own accord I booked an appointment with my GP the following week - a week after I had found it. My GP gave me a thorough examination and referred me to the Breast Clinic.  She said I had thickening of the breast tissue (although I couldn’t and still can’t feel anything other than the lump under my arm that is).  My appointment arrived two days later but it’s not until the end of June. I think due to me being on holiday for 2 weeks it has pushed it back somewhat.  At first I thought I could try and relax, enjoy my holiday and deal with whatever happens after it but the waiting is the WORST thing in the world.  I just wish I knew one way or the other.


Over the past couple of month I’ve also been suffering from some back and neck pain so I’ve pretty much convinced myself that I have breast cancer and that it has spread.  Google is the worst thing ever invented!


I’m trying to keep myself busy and my mind occupied but it isn’t easy as my concentration levels suck!


Anyway I guess I just wanted to share my fears and worries with others who know what I’m going through.  I don’t have any close friends to share my worries with and although my mum has been great I know she is really worried so I’m trying to keep a brave face on so as not to worry her anymore than she already is.


So that’s my story…



Well you have certainly come to the right place for help and support, you will shed loads from the wonderful ladies on here.


We can all relate to that feeling of every ache and pain meaning that it is bc and it has spread.  You will probably find that the back and neck is due to a posture issue rather than anything more sinister.


Just keep coming on here whenever you need to and we will help in whatever we can.  Let us know how you get on with your appointment and please please keep away from Dr Google, he is at least out of date and at worst misinformed.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Welcome anyway, Marshmallow.

Yes, you’re right about google, just stay away from it. Do use the main bcc site here or this forum if you need info or just to offload.

Although waiting is the pits with this hanging over you, in terms of timescales, it’s not going to make any difference, so do try & enjoy your holiday.

It’s quite usual to imagine all sorts when anxious, but that is all it is at this stage.  Chances are all’s well, it usually is.

ann x


That sounds like a plan, Marshmallow!
ann x

Hello Marshmallow,


Glad your appointment is soon and you can get on with finding out what is happening.  Yes the “Waiting Game” can be a test of nerve and self control, especially when around others.  Also good to let it all out in a safe space too and have a weep if you need it.


I do not ever remember being asked not to wear deodorant before a mammogram, nor do I recollect it being in any information booklet.  However, I think the issue maybe with deodorants - mainly anti perspirants I think - that contain aluminium and this can apparantly show as white dots on the mammo film and could possibly be mistaken for calcifications/could make it unclear what is  a calcification and what is an aluminium particle.  Not all deodorants contain aluminium.  If you are concerned about this just don’t put any on that day or contact the clinic and ask them about it.


I am also quite sure that they are use to people seeing them who may be experiencing breast changes at different points of their cycle and lives.  You could just let them know at the time. Examinations and tests at the breast clinic are usually very thorough in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis. 


Be kind to yourself and really wishing you well for your appointment x


Thinking of you today Marshmallow! I’ve not heard about not wearing deodorant too. My letter and information pack doesn’t mention it. It’s going to be hot so I’d say slap it on ? xxx