Nail Extensions on FEC

I know I’ve got a lot on my plate and this may seem like a trivial question but a friend gave me a voucher to have my nails done & I was hoping to have nail extensions put on next week in readiness for the girls xmas party. I have my first FEC chemo session the following week - does anyone have any experience of keeping their nail extensions during treatment?


Thanks girls.

Hi Mintymoo

I’m not sure what the policy of having nail extensions is at your local hospital is, but i was advised no nail extensions at all during chemo, this was because the extensions can mask/cause nail infections so i would either steer well clear or check with your nursing staff first. Nail varnish shouldnt be a problem if applied carefully, maybe keep the voucher as a treat to look forward to after all your treatment is over and your fighting fit :slight_smile:

Take care

deelush x x

Thanks deelush. x