Nausea on FEC

Can’t find anywhere info on whether nausea goes all through FEC, or wears off after first few days of each cycle? I had my first 5 days ago, and though only vomited a couple of times, still feel really nauseous. Was wondering how others have found it, and whether it wears off at some point before the next cycle? I do hope so…!

I think everyone is diferent but I felt sickly for about 4 to 5 days each time I had FEC. I found that 4 or 5 days after chemo all of a sudden I felt fine! It was like all the side effects just lifted and I was back to “normal”.

I was very nauseus on fec. But it did only last for 3 or 4 days. I was also threw up (a lot!) after the first one, but was prescribed emend which stopped that completely. I found i still got nausea though.

Eating little and often really helped. Grapes and apple pieces were great.

Sounds like I have been lucky so far on FEC. I had my first FEC yesterday and felt nauseous in the evening but haven’t been sick. I had a couple of tablets (domperidone) last night before I went to bed and then my full set of domperidone,ondansetron and dexamethasone at half six this morning. So far this morning I’ve felt fine and been able to eat without any ill effects.
Here’s wishing you all the same.
Gill x

have you told the chemo team how you are feeling?? i finished Feb this year (fec) and had lots of anti sickness meds each cycle.

Could you try peppermint tea?? i was drinkikng that, and it seemed to help as well. hope you feel easier soon,

What anti-nausea meds have you been given? I found that ondansetron (which they switched me to after a couple of days) removed the nausea almost completely, and I took it for 5 days after each cycle for the rest of my chemo. Only had the odd moment of feeling a bit queazy after that.

Thanks all, you’re giving me hope. I can cope if the nausea goes soon and stays away until next cycle, but was beginning to think I was going to be like this all the way through. I have asked the chemo team, and they said they’d adjust for next round, so will see if that helps.

HI Julie

I really suffered with nausea for my first 3 FEC, then got Emend for the last one and it felt like a different treatment. On cycle 3 i felt nauseas for 11 days, wasn’t as long as that the 2 before but last cycle i felt sick once, i cannot believe how much of a difference it made to me. Ask your onclologist about it and if you need any more info let me know.


I had nausea for my 1st FEC, mentioned it to my onc, who changed my anti-sickness tablets to cyclizine (plus dexamethasone, which wasn’t changed). Had my 3rd FEC last Wed, and no nausea!


I think it must be the epirubicin component of FEC as I was very sick for my first E on E-CMF. I requested ondansetron suppositories for the subsequent doses as there’s no way they can be vomited back up and they worked pretty well!

I too felt rough for 4,5,6 days and then suddenly it seemed to clear.

Hi there

I was very sick and then nausous on FEC. I got my medication changed which helped a great deal. I took domperidone almost throughout the time I was having FEC and that helped quite a bit. You can have it suppository form as well if you are being sick.

Definitely discuss with the team and get your meds changed. There are quite a few different drugs out there that can help.

Hope it all goes well.

Elinda x

A lot of people have mentioned Emend as the best. Why is that then? And why don’t they just give it to us all? Is it expensive, or does it cause other side effects maybe? Just curious!

Emend is expensive, around £15 for an 80mg capsule. Ondansetron is expensive too at about £15 per suppository, half that for a tablet.

Thanks Steph - I’d pay £15 a tablet to avoid being sick!!


Think Emend is relativly new as well. Was told it closes off 5 brain receptors. It’s is a 3rd generation antiemetic and works in combination with the other anti sickness drugs on the stomach and brain. It is very good nothing else worked for me.


Wonder if I’ll be able to talk them into it then. At least now I can ask why not if they refuse. Thanks Jayne! x

well, i hope they do give you lots of anti sickness meds. They’re usually really understanding!

I find a combination of emend, dexamethazone, ondansetron and metaclopromide works for me, I think you can take as many anti-sickness as you need to and there are lots available, keep trying till you find what works for you.


Thanks cazc and eva. I’m not seeing Oncologist until just before next cycle, but I’ll report back!

im sure your onc will be really understanding with you.