nausea with Alendronic acid and Adcal d3

Hi everyone,
I have been taking Alendronic acid and Adcal d3 for just two weeks now. Prescribed them due to bone thining because of Letrozole.
Am experiencing various symptoms - headaches, aching bones and nausea. I can put up with most things but the nausea is driving me mad.
Does anyone know of anything I could do (or take) to counteract this and is it possible the side effects will reduce or disappear in time.
At the moment feel like stopping the meds all together. Don’t worry - I won’t - well, not unless discussed with GP anyway.
Many thanks

Hi Ann
my GP prescribed Domperidone for nausea. It seems pretty good. I am on Letrozole and Zometa and have similar side effects, bone aches etc.
all the best

As Susan said anti sickness meds usually deal with the nausea, but also try eating smaller meals more often.There are plenty of anti sickness meds so if one does not work there are others.I found most of the se’s from letrozole wore off over time.

L xx

How do you take the alendronic acid I have mine with a glass of water first thing then nothing for 30 mins and stay upright do not lay down is that how you were told to take them?
how often do you take them ?

Just about to start Adcal- D3 - plus the hormone tablet Anastrozole. I will look forward to the side affects [!]

Hi everyone,
Sorry I am late getting back on here. Thank you all for your replies. Its great to know you are not alone isn’t it?
Susan and L - thanks I will bear it in mind that there is another(!) drug that I could speak to my doc about! It never ends does it? But if it works then I’ll go with it.
Hi Marie - yes I take the Letrozole exactly the same as you do (one a week). But not sure if its this or the calcium tablet thats the problem. Do you take Adcal as well - I think you have to don’t you?
Hi Janet - good luck - fingers crossed you will be one of the gang that does not get any side effects!
Ann x

what is it about Adcla 3. it looks so inocent, but I do hate takin it, and I must admit , I do miss it sometimes,. I have packs of them all over the place to make me take it, it makes me feel so sick .

must try harder x

I am exactly the same. Most days only remember the one! Have tried leaving packs of them about too so that I see them and remember the 2nd one in the evening. Doesn’t seem to be working and I am only on my second week - goodness help me a few years down the line Ha ha
We could form a I hate Adcal committee at this rate.