Hi ladies I’ve been on letrozole since 2015 been happy with the accord brand minimal side effects the chemist now inform me accord brand has been discontinued so I have been taking the actavis brand boy have I felt nauseous has any other ladies had this problem I’m so fed up at the moment feel like I’ve gone back a hundred steps not sure what to do now do I try another brand thanks ladies love Judi xxxxxxx


It seems like the accord brand is one of the best, so I would shop around and see if you can get it elsewhere. Mine comes from Superdrug and doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Sue xx

Oh dearie me. .I’ve been on accord for 2 years too and a couple of times been palmed off with cipra …aagh horrid brand and quite a difference.
I just hope boots can keep my supply going but we need to find a good alternative brand if not.
I’ve heard Dr reddy is ok brand but suppose we will have to try out others and find the best of the bunch.