Navelbine ( vinoralbine)

I have just started the tablet form of this drug. Had to go to a& e last night with a high temp. Okay today and bloods were fine. This is the first chemo that has made me feel sick. Anyone else had this drug?
X sarah

Sorry to hear you felt unwell - I’ve had 3 cycles and not bad ses; just a bit of queasyness that ginger tea and biscuits sorted out. Glad you are more settled today

Oh Sarah,

Sorry to hear that you had to go to hospital with a high temperature, that happened to me with Taxotere, it can be scary.
No experience of this drug, just hope things get better! and more importantly it works!!!
I am on my first ‘week off’ from Xeloda and that hasn’t been SE free either, worst being lovely yellow ulcers all over my lips - not a good look!

hope you get the sickness sorted asap!

I think I got a bit blasé. Didn’t take anti sick pill last night or this morning and was rewarded with queasiness so will take them tomorrow. Have taken some this afternoon but still not much appetite. I am thinking allergic reaction. Hope they can give me something to stop it if so. Maybe just dose myself on paracetomol temp fine today. Hated the hours in a&e although care was excellent.
X sarah


Sorry no experience of this drug but bumping up so hopefully someone will see the post.
Sorry it hasn’t been good but glad to hear temp. has gone down, hope you get sickness sorted. Hugs Julie xx

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear this raised your temp and made you feel sick.I hope it settles down for you and that it works.

If it helps I did a quick search on here and DawnHC and SusieV both appear to have taken Navelbine. Might it be worth pm ing them if they don’t see the thread?


Thanks mg I will do that

Hi have sent you a PM…x

So,went to see onc yesterday and this poison appears to be working. However… My hair is now growing back. I have dark hair appearing under a wispy arrangement of White. I noticed yesterday that the White stuff is coming out in handfuls. Does this mean I shall turn into baldy girl again? No dark hair is coming out. I didn’t think hair loss was a problem with this stuff. Any thoughts ladies?
X Sarah

I started this last Friday! I am having 6 cycles of this but by infusion not tablets. I take it day one day eight one week off then repeat.

I have had migraines and terrible flu symptoms sore throat swollen glands, horrid taste and bad wind!!

I was told hair thinning, but should not loose all of it.

I asked onc for capsules instead of iv because I was worried about veins. Also it cuts out the waiting for a chair in chemo suite. I had a temp after first dose and constipation with day 8 but on my week off have felt fine. Hoping next cycle is kinder. The capsules are relatively new,and there are only 4 for the whole cycle. I have bloods done at local chemist so can avoid hospital for a bit
X Sarah

I will be having herceptin with my day one infusion, so would have to go for that. I am having a portacath put in to save my veins. I think I would probably be a bit OCD if I took it via tablet worrying that it might cone up or if I had upset tummy that my body would not absorb it. Glad your side effects have been few, I was expecting to feel ok, but maybe this is a one off.

SGl x x x

bump for Bubbles x

Hi there mg. We must do that coffee soon. Hope all is well
X sarah

Hi Sarah, How are things? Hope the new treatment is going well and that it is doing what it needs to. Sounds more promising. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed (and I am always up for coffee) xx

Things seem to be ok, I start second cycle tomorrow and will see what SEs pop up.
X Sarah

I was on high dose tablet form Navelbine for 9 months , in part this was coupled with intra venous Cisplatin. Took domperidone(anti sickness) three times a day (2) for first 4 days and Ondanestron once a day (1) for two days. No sickness or nausea. If you wait til you feel nauseous, you may find it more difficult to shift. The old Domperidone is a tried and trusted drug. I have had it for almost three years. navelbine was a great chemo for my very aggressive cancer, but eventually I had to change to Abraxane … painful on joints, sleepless but bearable. Good luck with navelbine… tablet form worked well for me and I was eventually on it in weekly cycles.

Thanks for that advice. Will take anti nausea for a couple of days. It would be good to have it doing the job for a few years.

Took anti nausea tabs and all is well. I do notice that I get a bit tired after day 8 of dose. Will see onc in a few weeks time for what happens next. Off to seaside on Tuesday and no hospitally things until oct 12/13 th. Hurrah!
X Sarah