nearly finished, but suddenly feel like cr*p


I’ve done 22 of my 25 rads, and have held up pretty well, continued going to work (part time), and tried to carry on with normal things, like playing netball, going cycling and walking. But I’ve suddenly slumped this weekend. Everything aches, almost like menstrual cramps, I’m exhausted and have spent most of the day in bed. Have been freezing cold all day despite wearing 17 zillion layers, but now feel a bit feverish… I’ve even lost my appetite, and that’s a very rare occurence!

I don’t know whether I’m coming down with a bug, or if it’s just the expected next phase of the rads trip. I’m not on any drugs, so there isn’t that to add in to the mix. Anyone felt similar on rads? Or am I just fluey??


I can’t advise as I’m only 4 into my 15 zaps, but wanted to send you a big hugs.

Hope you feel better soon and it’s just a short bug.

No wonder you are tired, doing all that! although they say the more you exercise, the less fatigue you get ( i think this may not be right cos if you’re tired you can’t keep on exercising?)

My experience in four weeks was,
week one, piece of cake
week two, still doing fine
week three, four days fine then friday just flopped and
recovered over the weekend
week four, okay monday, tuesday-friday progressively more pooped
three duvet-days when it was over, now starting to get some energy back.

Actually when you think about the damage rads does to healthy tissue it will take it out of you mending that, which needs food and rest so you needn’t feel guilty about taking some time off. You’ve done the best for your survival and it’s worth a few days in bed to get that. Good luck.

hi, thanks for the replies. I began to feel much better almost as soon as I’d posted! I was drinking a lemsip at the time :slight_smile:

Hymil, that’s pretty much how my rads trip has gone: progressively worse towards the end of each week, and really worse towards the end of last week. Have had a low-level background kind of headache all week.

I did find though that when I was doing more exercise I did feel better. When I started going out on my bike after hospital I didn’t need my afternoon nap any more. But then the weather went manky and I couldn’t quite summon the enthusiasm…

I’ll see how it goes this week… The end is in sight, and a bottle of champagne is chilling in the fridge :slight_smile:

The radiographer explained to me this week that the soreness you may feel on the surface also affects the internal tissues and your body has to mend that with the usual inflammation responses to promote healing. That’s why we get tired, the stress on our systems as we are healing. Don’t be hard on your self over it, think of it as time for a bit of rest, pampering and indulgence whenever possible.