Nearly Wednesday, and I am starting to panic!

As I predicted last week, by Tuesday I be starting to panic about tomorrows results. My hubby is not worried at all, because the doctor said the reason they were doing the biopsy, needle aspiration was because they could not see it clearly to confirm what it was. But I guess from the feel of it he thinks it is not cancer, but has to be sure. He told me that he was pretty certain me and hubby would be celebrating tomorrow evening, I do hope he is right, but do feel worried, which I guess is understandable.

Just wanted some reassurance really.

Thanks guys.

Jules xxxx

Good luck for tomorrow Jules will keep fingers and toes crossed for you xx



Fingers and such like crossed for tomorrow. Keep strong hun I know its not easy but tomorrow will soon be here and then gone again ok.!!

P xx


Best of luck for tomorrow, your doctor seems very confident everything will be fine but even if there is a problem the truth is strangely not as bad as what we can make up in our heads.

Let us know how you go.


Hi Jules

Good luck for tomorrow hun. My consultant wasnt so positive but I guess if he was I would still have been very worried. Will be think of you xx

Yvonne xx

Thanks ladies, it’s weird how you can blot it out until the day before. I wonder why this is? When I went for the initial appointment at the hospital I was fine right up until the day before (the odd hiccup of worry) but all you wonderful ladies kept me sane. But the day before and the day of the appointment I felt sick with nerves. I just want to be able to move on from this and be able to concentrate on giving my mum more support with her bc and also my daughter with her awful depression.

Thanks again for caring and taking the trouble to reply to me.


Hi Jules,

Good luck for tomorrow. I know what you mean about managing to blot it out until the day before! We’re a resilient lot aren’t we?! Been for my results today and got the all clear following a WLE ! - what a relief, fingers crossed that’s just how you will be feeling tomorrow.

Luv Carol x

Hey Carol

Thats great news xxx

Yvonne x

Good luck for tomorrow Jules. Will keep everything crossed for you.

Thank you lilac and summer.

Summer I am so pleased you had good news.


Hi Jules

We’re all behind you! Will be thinking of you tomorrow…

Huge (((hugs)))

Thanks Jo, I really appreciate that sweetie xxxxx

Hi Jules,

Good Luck for tomorrow - I hope your news is good news. I will be thinking of you.


Thank you Juliea, I am doing housework to keep busy and coming back to read the site in between! My kitchen is shining now lol I also have my salsa class tonight with a good friend, so that will keep me occupied. xxxx

ps I usually forward to salsa, but my heart not in it tonight if I am honest.


Hi Jules

I just wanted to wish you well for your appointment tomorrow.

It was about this time 2 years ago that I finally decided that after 6 months maybe I should get my golf ball checked by the doctor! Little did I know what was to follow… It took them over 3 months to finally dx BC, so I guess in a way you are lucky that your appointments are coming thick and fast!

Good luck.

Lynn x

Hi Jules

Hope you enjoyed your salsa. I hope you worked hard and it has worn you out so maybe you can get some sleep. Good luck again for tomorrow hun.

Yvonne xx

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. At least soon you’ll know and I think it is going to be good information.


Thanks guys, I had a good time! Infact we learnt some really funny steps, one where you lean on the man and he tilts you and you have to kick your leg up, well I looked like a dog about to have a wee against a tree, the instructor took one look at me and we both ended up crying with laughter, the rest of the class thought it was highly amusing, so yes it was a good tonic.

My dear friend came back and we chatted till just gone half twelve, had a glass or two of wine and I guess it is time to hit my bed, but I am not that tired, but tomorrow is here now, so at least the waiting is almost over.


hi jules couldnt miss not sending my very best thoughts and good wishes for tomoro.may goodluck and happiness shine down on u.
best wishes from the bottom of heart
the nutter

haha something must have made me come and check just a minute after you had written…!! As you can see its 2.45 am and I am awake as can’t sleep!

Thanks sweetie, how are you doing, I was very concerned to hear you were not doing so well.

J xxxx