Neck and head ache?

Neck and head ache?

Neck and head ache? Has anyone felt pain around the neck and head? Its really getting me down with the owrry, I had this a little last year and had all the tests and they were clear, but since starting on Arimadex and Zoladex its come back this week.

Advice from anyone would be very much appreciated!

Debbie xx

Aches and pains Jings Yes! I’m sitting here with the most horrible aching shoulder that’s been sore for ages. Sometimes my neck siezes up and stuff like reversing the car is impossible. Often get a headache when the neck’s bad. I used to get it slightly before bc but now it’s all the time. I put it down to Arimidex since everything aches worse since starting taking it. I’ve been thinking I should see the doc about it. But I’m sure it’s The Arimidex Effect!
It seems to be better if I keep moving but eventually you have to sit down don’t you? Watching the telly whilst jiggling about and stretching is driving everybody mad!

So I’ve been of no use to you advice wise but I do know what you mean! xxx

Neck and head ache? Hi Debbie

I started taking Arimidex about four weeks ago and have suffered quite a bit with bone pain, particularly in the lower back. I also get a sore neck and shoulder and have had a lot of headaches. I initially attributed these to the radiation, as I have to lie in a very uncomfortable position.

I also get very stiff joints when I first get up in the morning or if I’ve been sitting for a long time.

I’ve seen a lot of similar experiences on one of the US discussion forums and one of the suggestions is taking vitamin D (but always check with your onc or doc first)

Most people agree it’s worth it to prevent the disease returning, but quality of life is important too.

Maybe you can try acupuncture or physio. I also find heat packs help.

Some people have found that the pain eases or goes away after a few months. I’ll cross everything that you are one of the lucky ones. We all deserve a little bit of luck sometimes.

Live Strong