neck lumps - Paula?

neck lumps - Paula?

neck lumps - Paula? Hi

PaulaD - I think you have been through something similar. ANy advice would be really welcome.

I have posted before re this but still haven’t made it back to the oncologist - I’ve put it off because it has been school/uni holidays and I haven’t wanted to worry the kids unnecessarily - but the hols are coming to end and burying my head in the sand can’t continue.

I had quite a large lymph node on my neck a few months back and my GP put it down to a possible infection - my skin is raw in parts where I have scratched it so much due to tamoxifen making it itch. I was quite happy with that diagnosis and the lymph node went down a bit which convinced me that it was all ok.

I now have four little bumps in my neck - same side as my cancer. I am starting to feel a bit scared about it. The lumps aren’t that big - how big should they be before I shoud worry? They definitely feel to me to be lymph nodes and vary in size from 0.5cm to 1 cm. They are not huge. I know that some of you (Paula?) have had recurrences in the neck and I just wondered what sort of size I should be looking out for - what size might indicate a recurrence rather than just an infection.

I would be really grateful for some advice.



Hi bjj I’ve had a recurrence, not in my neck nodes, but under the axillary scar and I’ve recently had some worrying marks near my matectomy scar. On both occasions I bypassed my GP completely and contacted the hospital direct and each time I have been taken very seriously indeed and seen at very short notice. GPs aren’t cancer experts and once you’ve had cancer, you should deal with the experts if you have any worrying symptoms, however small.

I strongly advise you to ring the hospital where you were treated and ask their advice. Your little lumps may (and hopefully will) turn out to be nothing to worry about, but you really should get them examined without delay.

Good luck
Kathy xxx

Hi Kathy Thanks for replying.

I think you are right about bypassing the GP. I shall phone the hospital on Tuesday. My GP thought my original single neck lump was due to an infection and sent me for a blood test. My white blood cell count came back slightly low - would it not be higher if I had an infection? As my blood tests were ok nothing else was done.

Have you had the results of the marks near your scar yet? Hope you are ok.



bjj xxx

lumps Hi bjj,
I’ve not had lumps in my neck but there is a poster here called Dawnhc who has had this and who could possibly help you. She posts on the New Primary and Recurrence forum so if you go through the posts there you will find here name. Just put up a post asking for her and I am sure she’ll reply.

Hope it’s good news for you on Tuesday. Let us know.


Sue Hi Sue

Dawnhc saw my posting on and very kindly sent me a personal message via the other web site (I do miss the contact buttons here). She has been really helpful.

I’m going to be brave (!!??) and phone up on Tuesday and make an appointment. Thanks very much for your support - I’ll let you know how I get on.



For BJJ Offering my support too, BJJ, especially after all your concern for me recently.

I really hope you will have your fears allayed over this latest development.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks Thanks for your support Mcgle.

Have phoned my oncologist - they had literally just had a cancellation for Thursday at 3 so I haven’t got long to wait. Feel lucky to be going to be seen so quickly.

Thanks to all.



Lumps ok Hi

Oncolgist gave my lumps a good prod - she reckons they are fine as they are soft lumps and therefore most likely due to some kind of infections. She was really nice and didn’t at all make me feel I was wasting her time. She said that she would much rather see people than have them worrying.

She brought up the subject of my different HER2 results - hadn’t gone in there at all with the intention of bringing that up. I know I can’t have Herceptin as I am too far down the line so have given up worrying about it.

She said that my local hospital didn’t want to check their positive result as they were adamant it had to be right. She’s insisting though in light of the Marsden’s negative one. She said that it concerns her as they can’t be telling people they are positive when they are not let alone filling them unnecessarily with Herceptin. She said that it might well be that I am one of the exceptionally rare people with a tumour that is part positive and part negative - the Marsden also mentioned this. Can’t get worked up about it now!

Thanks for all your support.


bjj xx

So pleased for you, BJJ - … it must be such a relief! And what a nice onc!

I have been researching DCIS (which apparently is often HER2+) and am just wondering whether this was tested, rather than the actual tumour itself. The reason I am thinking this is because the tumour was removed during both core biopsies, possibly causing it to fragment. That is why they cannnot be certain of its size - there was nothing to remove (except the microcalcifications) during the operation itself.

Perhaps I am clutching at straws, but this would make sense in view of all the other good prognostic indicators.

Just wish I knew!