Need a friend

Big Hugs back.Feel free to put your feelings down,it does help sometime,since i have been talking to you guys i feel i have now a little sanctuary to go to for help makes me feel less lonely,but it is hard to try and find those good days but please feel free too pour your heart out my luv.A good cry in the shower or turn the music up in the car and scream. A good one is smash a bottle or 2 preferably an empty bottle of wine(please take the adequate precautions when divulging in this ritual)
Take care.

When I feel very low and alone I pummel the wall with my fists and SCREAM!!! Fortunately, we live in a detached house so I don’t think anyone hears this. In more rational moments I wonder if doing this is silly and self indulgent wallowing. But, I am so relieved to hear that others do similar things - don’t feel as stupid. I have also read the Harvey article. Dahlia suggested it when I posted about feeling really low a while ago. (Dahlia, I did post back to you but I think you must have been on holiday). It’s an excellent read.


To niptuck and all of you out there

Know where you are coming from. I am now 2 1/2 years down the line from my second bout with the dreaded BC and although on the whole I am managing, I get very bad ‘grey’ days. OH is wonderful and we’ve found Sylk the answer to the vaginal dryness problem. But then we’ve only been married a year when I was diagnosed, so the honeymoon was hardly over! I also use a chillow pillow, but with only mediocre success as it absorbs the heat from my head and gets boiling hot in the night - so I have to chuck it out of the bed. I don’t mind the ‘one boob woman look’ so badly now, as I get constant compliments from my other half, and I found some great underwear from Amoena, so when I am dressed, don’t feel to bad. Also worked out the swimwear problem well, as we swim very regularly and are great beach babes. I bought some brilliant swim prothesis and nice bikinis, so although it is a bit of a bind if you change on the beach, have managed sofar.

But the bad days still keep coming. I am really suffering with Arimidex and they have discovered so many side effects (see my other post), that every visit to the hospital or GP brings another problem , and another pill to take! I really wonder where it is all going to end. Yes, I am still here, and many years ago probably would not have survived a recurrence with all lymph nodes involved, but at what price?

Yes, I have also read the article and found it useful. I also had counselling last year and that was a great help. There are only so many times you can get talking over the same ground with your ‘nearest and dearest’. She has given me some great tips, e.g. write down 5 good things that have happened that day. It’s difficult at first, but you find suddenly that you want to write down 10 or more! It certainly gets you out of a negative mindset.

And yes, I have been known to throw things in frustration and anger - but thankfully not at anyone!!!


Hi girls.
Need some advice. I’m taking Arimadex in the morning but as my routine has changed i keep forgetting to take it(bit worrying) i take it when i remember,but thought it might be better if i take it at night.Do you think it would be ok to do so or is it advisable to keep to the same time that you have been taking it.
Worried Niptuck. xxxxx


Have a look at the other thread here on when to take it, but the main thing is to take it regularly. I did experience a bit at first and found taking it in the morning lessened the night sweats - perhaps the effect was wearing off a bit by night?

Best of luck

Hi everyone

Reading on the ‘vaginal dryness’ there’s also a product out there called ‘yes, yes, yes’. ( We had a laugh about it’s name at our support group but one of our ladies decided to be our guinea pig and although she said she felt like saying ‘no, no, no’ to her husband she found it better than sylk.

Another 2 ladies in our group also say that they find sprinkling a teaspoon of linseed seeds on their cereal has made a huge difference to their hot flushes.