Need a little help getting through tomorrow

Need a little help getting through tomorrow

Need a little help getting through tomorrow Thursday 12th is not going to be a very easy day for me.

My 80 year old dad is going to have 2 stents put into his heart and he is already very frail. I am worried sick.

Also it will be exactly 1 year since my Father-in-Law died so I’m trying to be there for my husband and not worry him too much about my own father.

So I’m sorry to spill it all out to you but it helps to tell someone.

Thanks for being there,

Valerie xxx

I am thinking of you today Valerie, I hope all goes well with your dad,
and hope both your husband and you manage to get through this difficut day.

Thinking of you
karen x

Hi valerie I hope everything went ok with your dad today. It must have been a hard day for you I am sure your husband and dad know you are there for them and that will make it a bit easier for them.

Best Wishes

Yvonne x

A little help I know how difficult it is to be strong for the family, as you are for your Husband. i hope your Dad came through his op allright today and your worries are alleviated. Please, let it out to your Hubby, I’m sure he’ll understand and sometimes they like to feel needed.
Love and hugs Gloriana xxx

Thank you Karen, Yvonne & Gloriana I truly appreciated the kind thoughts.

Yesterday seemed to go on forever.

Dad is home from hospital and seems, well I can’t really say ok, but certainly as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

I did try talking to my husband in the end Gloriana, he said “what’s the point worrying about your dad, there’s nothing you can do about it” - it’s a rather cold trait he inherited from his parents I’m afraid.

I mean we all know that what he says, taken literally, is true, doesn’t help much though does it?

And despite all that I know he appreciated my support over his father.

Anyway, I’m doubley, make that tripley, glad that the three of you were there for me.

Much love sent back to you,

Valerie xxx

support hi valerie. sorry that your going through such a tough time of it ,my sister has just had a heart attack and like your dad has had a stent put in,it is a worry i know but you just have to trust that they will come through .it does seem that everything happens at the same time dosnt it, anywayi wish you and yoyr family well take care lynn xx