Need a Nursing agency for home help post op

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at a hospital in Marbella. We live as expats in Saudi Arabia where cancer treatment is not of a high standard so I want to be operated and treated in Marbella. My husband will need to return to work a few weeks after surgery and I have no family support here in Spain. Are there any reliable home nursing agencies that could perhaps live in and/or take me for my follow up radiation or chemo appointments?  I live in the Coin, Alhaurin el Grande area. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi AnnieBrown,

Thank you for your post. I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences of nursing agencies in Spain and show their support soon. 

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Hi AnnieBrown,

it may be challenging for most of us to answer your specific question as most of us are UK based. However - there is a board for people with BC outside of the UK. I should think if you post on there, or even just read the threads - you might find the help you are looking for.

Please join us on the other boards and threads as you are going through the various stages of your treatment, as there is so much knowledgeand experience shared on them. And, of course much support and many virtual hugs, when you are feeling down.


Sue x 

Hi. I live in Spain but no where near Marbella. It might be worth joining a few Spain expat forums, there are lots both on the Internet and Facebook groups also. There maybe specific Marbella/Málaga area ones aswell. Asking on these type of forums may fish out people with experience of the type of agencies you are looking for and/or people maybe able to suggest different options available in the area.

Best wishes and good luck.