Need exercise buddies!

Hi everyone,

I am almost two years post diagnosis. Still on treatments: Zoladex and Tamoxifen.

I really want to get fit, and would like to chat to others who are interested in the same.

It would be great to motivate and encourage each other! :slight_smile:

You know what they say about breast cancer, excercise and boosting survival. Not only that, I have a few pounds to lose because of the treatments… feeling very unfit and knowing that the extra weight is not doing me or my remission any good.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to starting the ball rolling!

Thanks and *hug*


Hi Yvette

I used to swim (well not like my kids do, but I did get from one end of the pool to the other and back again a few times) but I gave up just over 5 years ago due to a sudden change in family circumstances. I’m still involved in swimming but only tend to get wet when the swimmers in the pool splash me, so I really should get back into it. It’s great exercise for those stiff arms, and not high impact. I really should try to get back into it properly, as I certainly piled on the tons when I gave up. As my treatment’s going to involve Tamoxifen I reckon I’m pretty much duty-bound to get back in the pool, don’t you think?! I have never been any good at running so that’s just not going to happen.

Hi yvette,

I have recently purchased davinas body buff dvd, it is split into sections so you can work on different areas, gets your heart rate up and a ‘nice’ sweat on! Hopefully this will motivate me, I’m not a gym person, its too cold and rainy to go running, so I’m hoping the excess pounds will melt away leaving a toned body!

Ooh sound a bit like an advertisement there. I don’t have loads of weight to lose but as I’m on tamoxifen don’t want to leave it too late.

Good luck with your quest, hugs back x

Yes, great idea, in fact just looking at your thread has energised me to do my exercises this morning! Much too soon after treatment I started very very very gentle jogging and knacked my knees so had to do nothing for 2 months! Anyway I am now 4 months post treatment end (MX, chemo, rads) and ready to start gentle exercise…
how best to be buddies, does just running a thread here work for you or is there a better way, Pms or something - I’m really poor at the technology sie,
sunny too in Newcastle today so makes you feel more like it.
heres to a fitter us! Nicola

I went back to the gym a week after my final chemo. It nearly killed me but the psychological benefit of being there put me on top of the world!

It’s still hard going 2 weeks on but gym = normal for me.

Jo X

Hi, I go to a gym once a week ( never been near a gym before BC) I go to a session with a a specialist trainer but for people with heart problems etc. I think I am the only one recovering from BC. I started going half way through chemo so have had to take it gently, but am now 4 weeks post Rads so need to up the anti now. I try to walk somewhere every day and hope to start swimming again as soon as my ONc gives the OK. I havn’t put much weight on but have osteoporosis so need the weight bearing excersise. good luck


Hi All

Just discovered this Forum so forgive me if I am posting incorrectly.

I have just started my fitness regime, finished treatment in Sept, indulged at Christmas so ready to get fit. Not that I was fit before!!!

Could you advise, Im on Tamoxifen, is this supposed to make you gain weight? If so, I haven’t noticed

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your motivating messages!

Has anyone tried to use a pedometer as motivation? I read that we should be doing minimum 10,000 steps per day, and this can be accumulated activity.

Sometimes I look at the pedometer and it says less than 10,000 steps at the end of the day. If I am truly motivated I grab my dog and go for a further walk, just to get to the 10,000.

The thing that I really miss the most is the lack of energy.

I can very vaguely remember what it was like to jump out of bed and be raring to go. These days, it is such an effort (although I manage and don’t really complain :wink: ).

Anyone know any secrets to getting more energy? My ideal would be to go for a 30 min walk in the mornings… unfortunately, I feel as though it takes all my effort just to get ready for work.

One thing that I would like to do with this forum is try to get some way of ‘working out’ together … in a virtual sense. Anyone have any ideas on that?

See you, and *hugs* to my exercise buddies!!


Swimming is very good for arms and shoulders, especially back stroke and crawl. The traditional slow stately breast stroke is less so, ironically for us. I have tried some of the water exercise classes on holiday and really enjoyed them, but have had trouble finding one in my area at a time I can attend.

The pedometer is a good idea. I had a cheap one, but my daughter nicked it. If you can’t do 30 minutes in the morning, what about a different time of day, a shorter time, or splitting it up? It’s better to start with something doable even if it’s not ideal until you establish the new habit. And exercising is supposed to give you more energy in the end. There are step machines, which you can use while watching telly, but I find that they are hard on a damaged knee.

Walking is going to be my main exercise for some time, as I’m having a PICC line fitted so no more swimming for a while.


I joined a gym at the end of last year and go twice a week for an hour at 7.30 am with my OH before work. I do treadmilling, some light weight resistance work, rowing machine etc. I also have a stepper at home and last week bought a Swiss ball and hand weights. I’m watching my diet as well.

Haven’t lost any weight really, but the gym is changing my shape and I’m losing my 2 spare tyres and the back fat slowly!

BCC DVD - Can well recommend this DVD - i"m 8 months past WLE, 3 months past 6 FEC and now 6 weeks past last rads. Luckily have full arm movement and no sign of lymphodoema yet . In dire need to increase cardio vasc, and generally get moving and improve heart function yet not overdo it - as have Osteoporosis too. Getting a balance is difficult - what is too much for the old bones ?I kept asking the medics but didnt get any clear answers had feeling they were too worried about me going back complaining - “you said it was OK to …” !!

So I wasnt sure the BCC DVD would be any good for me - BUT IT IS ! its great. The first few sections are more for people immediatley post op etc but a good part of it is just right for me , needing to increase fitness. It is like being at a class in your own home, without the hassle of getting ready to go out, get dressed !, concern about other people, I do love it, and can do it at drop of hat , several times of day - and stop when you want.

Am still worried as get out of breath walking up hills though its getting better , slowly. and legs dont go to jelly quite so easily. That doubt a back of mind, will I ever reach previous fitness still there l along with other niggling thoughts (like, will the cancer come back) - and any exercise is so good to keep those at bay and improve general confidence and feeling good about things.

Also - in Bristol there is an ENERGISE class , lovely name, it is entirely for people with cancer or recovering from cancer treatment, its at their sports centre in centre of town (next to Senate House) - cant believe they dont have huge classes but not , small class usually as people move on when get fitter. hope to go soon. waiting for the application form, then they do an assessment on you . all sounds brlliant just have to get into Bristol once a week - Thurs am. These should be run all over country - post code lottery as with all health things I reckon.

I’m also going to a Tai Chi class - so gentle yet so effective, again just right for us recoverers / get fitters.

OOPs sorry for rambling message !!! Kirsty


A lot of women do seem to put on weight with tamoxifen but not everyone. I haven’t - been on tamoxifen over three years now.

To anyone thinking of taking up exercise - you don’t have to wait till after treatment has finished. You may prefer to, that’s another thing entirely. I always found I felt better for exercising - at least I was feeling tired due to exercise rather than feeling tired due to chemo. I decided that if Jane Tomlinson could run a marathon on chemo, I was sure I could do something. I ran the race for life after 4 FEC & 2 Tax, with 2 tax still to go. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about not exercising during treatment, just want to point out the possibilities.

Hi all

Here’s the link to the BCC exercise DVD Kirsty has mentioned:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/159/

Best wishes

Hi all,
thanks for the motivation -I have done my pilates quite energetically three mornings in a row now and am also walking walking walking…
I agree about the tamoxifen by the way Crazygal, some do and some don’t put on weight- I haven’t but am out of shape, look like what I am which is someone who spent most of last year horizontal!
Yvette - I so agree with you about energy - my house looks out over a park and I see the people walking their dogs first thing and wish I could do it - but slow determined effort will make a huge difference I hope- AND I asked a few different oncologists about post chemo tiredness and they said it varies so much but people can feel short of bounce for 12 -18 months. They said exercise regularly and rest when you need to …hard to fit it all in though eh!
Finally, a funny story - I went out on my bike to deliver a message as it was only across the park - it was so long since I’d been on the bike I forgot to look where I was going and fell off - so go carefully but determinedly out their gals,
cheers nicola

thanks, Nicola. have just ordered the DVD

Hi, Moorcow. you will be pleased to know that the first time I went out on my new bike whilst going through Chemo, I fell off it as my legs turned to jelly when I put the breaks on.

Hi Danjo/Moorcow

Must be the in thing to do, I bought a bike, went for a quick spin round our street with youngest son and couldn’t stand when I got off!!

And Yes , The comment about being horizontal is sooooo true. Nearly got bed sores!! Ha ha

Thanks BCC, just ordered DVD!

I rejoined gym as soon as could after the chemo and got into hill walking with various walking groups. If I’m honest, both difficult at first but I chipped away at it, one day at a time. Nearly 6 years on and I feel better and fitter than have ever done in my life and its stands to reason, the fitter you are, the less the chance of reccurence. Good luck and take it slowly

hope you don’t mind me jumping in on this thread, but i love all kinds of exercise. Since i was diagnosed, beginning of Nov i have not done any exercise at all. i had a mastectomy 7 weeks ago and am 2 weeks into chemo. Recently i have been adding my own little bits to my arm exercise programme. I put my favorite upbeat music on my ipod, incorporate, squats, lunges and a few pilates exercises, as well as having a bit of a dance round the room inbetween. I,m having a rare old time - feel like i’m sixteen again, just hope no one walks in on me lol. I don’t know whether i should be doing this so soon after surgery but it doesn’t seem to be doing me any harm and i can feel my spirits lifting every day. Also i,m trying to walk about 3 miles everyday and hope to build this up. It just feels good to be getting some normality back into my life.

Crazygal I think after a couple of more weeks of fast walking i,m going to try to get back into running. Thanks for highlighting the possibilities

Maria x