Need exercise buddies!

Just had a thought. OH is going in for some fairly major surgery next month (we think) and he has a very energetic border collie, so I’ll be on dog-walking duties for a good long while so there will be a LOT of yomping round the common in a feeble and doomed-to-failure attempt to tire the dog out. So I’m hoping that some of the SEs from treatment will be kept at bay a bit by five or six miles a day…

Wow, you lot put me to shame, hours in the gym, running, walking miles, it takes a massive effort just to do the dvd, I have dusted my stepper off, and am back at work next week (if I can get in my work clothes!) So loads of walking in my job. I have put the bike back in the shed though, nicola, carol and other bikers your tales cheered me up :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get back to normal activity have my last chemo tomorrow then start radiotherapy soon. Had my gym membership on hold for last 6 months first thing i want to do is get an exercise programme to slowly build me up as as weak as a kitten.
Used to swim non stop for half an hour at least 3 times a week and have really missed my pool, unfortunately will not be able to swim for a while as still have PICC line in will need Herceptin for a year so keeping line in as long as possible to make it easier for admin of H.
Currently am so tired all the time,get out of breath walking up slight incline. This is awoman who on an average day walked 6 miles work and dog walking.
Have put weight on with the chemo inactivity and need to lose it. Start Tamoxifen soon as well so fingers crossed will get fitter and be able to control weight which I know will be difficult at 53.
Maggie x

Maggie - how quickly has that gone !!! It will feel odd not having chemo any more after being in the routine for a few months. I felt a bit nervy about my last one and my bloods being ok for it but it was fine and all went ahead on time. Then the old Preston trip but it goes quickly enough. I’m off for a one-off rads blast to my spine tomorrow and Weds as I’ve had a small spread so stopping it before it gets worse. Otherwise I’m grand, although not offering to do the exercise with you, sorry!!!

Take care and perhaps see you around soon.

Liz x

I am four weeks post-chemo and waiting for radiation to start mid-feb. I too looked forward to starting exercise…beware. After 5 months of being a blob on the couch I tried light weight lifting (nothing compared to what I used to do) and hurt myself. I am now only walking on tread-mill and swimming.

I gained 10kg during chemo treatment (6xFEC) and have gone from running a triathlon the month before being diagnosed (back in July) to barely able to walk without getting winded. Any suggestions on weight loss programs? My increased girth is the major source of my depression at the mo. Have looked into a couple of “fad diet” sights, but so far not impressed. I am desperate to lose weight, but want to do it healthy since I still have rad coming up. Ta!

Hi Vegvet,

I am with you in asking for hints on weight-loss.

Anyone doing full-time work and getting super exhausted?

What is the recipe to getting stronger?


Hi Yvette and Sophie,
I have put on a stone since diagnosis feb 2010 - and I am still v tired indeed (2 ops, chemo, rads) Just a word of warning Yvette, the rads can really add to the tiredness, to the depth of it really rather than the amount of it - at least they did ofr me.
So my approach now (having tried the running regime days after chemo and made myself ill and injured myself)is pilates every day for muscle tone and shape, and fast walking as many days as possible…
so far no weight loss but really big chape changes, I can see my old body coming back …well minus the breast of course!
bw Nicola