Need full mastectomy and lymph removal

Diagnosed with stage 2 Non special type invasive breast cancer yesterday. I need a full mastectomy and lymph removal next week , op booked for 30th. I will then need 18 weeks of chemotherapy follwed by radiotherapy and tamoxifen. So I have a battle Ahead!. Feel strangly calm except I don’t sleep well. Anyone give me hints and tips on recovery from surgery ?as I feel I should concentrate on on part of my treatment at a time.
My main concern is financial as bills still have to be paid and bcn has already said they would rather I don’t work through chemotherapy as I travel on train and work in open plan office leaving me vulnerable to each cold bug or worse going about.
Aren’t our NHS wonderful I have been treated so well and so quickly my first clinic appointment was only 15th June. . Xxx

Hi Sib,
I’m glad you’re feeling calm. I find meditation helps me get off to sleep but I wake often and early still. I have an app called Headspace and his voice is really calming.
I don’t know about surgery as I’m still waiting for more tests. You are beng treated quickly which is good. I was told yesterday that I need surgery on one breast but the other needs more biopsies and my lymph nodes need checking again too.
I’m looking into whether my critical illness policy I took out with the mortgage will pay out as that would make a huge difference. I’m also claiming ESA as I have M.E as well as breast cancer and am already receiving that. I’m not sure if it would cover breast cancer but maybe worth looking into?
I hope everything goes well xx

Hugs xxx

Hi sib.
Your bc sounds pretty much the same as mine. Oestrogen positive, her2 negative. I had 7 lymph nodes involved out of 28. Mastectomy and lymph removal. Op was may 2. Start my fec-t chemo July for 18 weeks, then radiotherapy for 3 weeks then tamoxifen for ten years. Lovely list isn’t it. ?
I found I got over the op pretty well. Was enjoying a pub lunch 48 hours after. You’ll get all sorts of advice on here about what to take to hospital and how to aid your recovery. The best advice I can give is to just take everything at your own pace and allow people to look after you. I bought Asda soft crop top things and stuffed a softie in there as proper bras were just too uncomfortable. I’m having my good boob off after treatment and recon then. Also, from Asda a v shaped pillow. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t know how I would of slept without it. I also bought a drain bag from drain dollies.
Button down pj’s and shirts are great as you don’t need to pull up anything over your head (ouch) and also easy access when being examined.
Stick to your exercise regime from the beginning and don’t be scared if you develop of fluid build up. I did as my drain was leaking so had to be removed early.
I felt on top of the world after my op as I knew the bc was gone. Also, if you can, then treat yourself. Having something nice to look forward to at every stage has helped me focus on living and not just bc. Can’t wait to start chemo now. Xx

Hi sib so glad you have had good news about your critical illness cover they must be a massive relief x keep strong x sending love and hugs xxx

After reading your post I contacted arriva as I have a policy with them and I too have critical illness cover with my life insurance that I was unaware of I spoke to a very compassionate man who talked me through everything and they are going to contact my bc nurse Monday then get back to me when they can xxx

Aviva nor Aririva ha ha I not got life insurance with a travel company x

I hope everyone is doing ok.
Mines Aviva too, I’ve filled a form in and waiting for the hospital to provide details now.
I’ll try and reply more tomorrow, it was my daughter’s birthday today and I’m worn out from trying to be normal! xxx

Thanks for your Reply, this forum is a good send and to find someone who is having/had very similar treatment is great. I have got 2 v shaped pillows one for sofa and one for bed. Finding it difficult to find button up.pj’s though. Looked at drain dollies but it appears to be pay pal and I don’t have a account! All your hints and tips are great thank you. Xxx

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