Need some Help and support - My Mum

Hi everyone. I posted on these forums a few weeks ago and got so many helpful repiles.

Yesterday I was told that my mums secondary breast cancer has spread from her hip bone to her lung. Any treatment she has now will be to prolong life. I just cant believe this is happening. I’m trying to stay positive but its hard not knowing how long she will survive. She is having bone strengtheners, radiotherapy for the pain, hormone tablets, and is also having something done to her ovaries to get rid of any oestrogen.

Its so hard to come to terms with. I’m having horrible thoughts of what she might miss… my graduation, my wedding…

Are there any other women out there that could give me a bit more info?


Sorry I cant help but just wanted to say thinking of you and your mum xx

Hi Eddie, sorry you’ve had more bad news and wish there was something I could say to help. I have bone mets but not lung mets but I know there are a lot of people on this forum who do have lung mets and I’m sure they will be along soon to give you some support.

Love to you and your mum

Lesley x

Hi Eddie

I’m really sorry to hear about your mum’s news. It must have been a terrible shock for you all.

It’s realy hard to give concrete answers because breast cancer is such a complex disease and each of our cancers have a different make-up. Nobody can say how long we have, in the same way that nobody can tell how we’ll each respond to treatment. It’s horrible living with such uncertainty, but at the same time there are many people who get good responses to chemo and their mets shrink or vanish.

I would imagine that it’s good that your mum’s mets are confined to one lung (I have them in both). I had a 50% reduction in size from my first line of chemo. I am now on my second line of chemo which has managed to zap some of them completely, and shrink the others.
My oncologist’s aim is to reduce the tumours and get the cancer under control so they can maintain it and manage it as a chronic illness.

The other positive thing is that as your mum’s tumours are sensitive to oestrogen, there are more treatment options open to her with drugs that suppress the hormones which feed her tumours. Some of us have cancers that aren’t receptive to oestrogen or progesteron and so hormone treatment wouldn’t work for us. It means we have less treatment options.

I hope your mum’s treatment goes well. I’m sure you’ll hear from others with positive experiences which can give you some hope. You may also want to post in the Family & Friends forum to hear from others whose family members have had a similar diagnosis.

love & hugs

Hi Eddie

My mum was also diagnosed with lung mets just before Xmas so if you want to chat please contact me. My mum is 4 chemos down now and so we are a little bit ahead in the treatment stage but if theres anything we can do please let me know.

Vic x

Hi Eddie
I remember your posts from before when your Mum was undergoing scans etc so it must be a big shock for you both to know it has spread. I have bone mets so no experience of what chemo’s target lung mets but there are many ladies on here who have them so I’m sure will help you out if you need any questions answered about that. As to the oestrogen receptive bit I do know that hormone therapy is a very effective method of either shrinking or controlling the mets. I expect your Mum may have Zoladex which switches off the ovaries so no more oestrogen is produced by them and probably an Aromatase Inhibitor which stops any oestrogen being ‘made’ by the rest of the body. It sounds like she has a treatment plan in place which means she will be closely monitored and I hope this reassures you both. It is a very frightening time when mets are diagnosed so I hope you can get support if you need it, either on here or through your friends and family.
Take care and do use these forums for support and advice.

Hi Eddie, I have nothing to add to all this good advice but only to say yes there are many treatment options open to your Mum. I was told on diagnosis that although my cancer was unlikely ever to go away completely it was very treatable. Take Care, Best Wishes to you and your Mum…xx

Thanks everyone, its made me feel a bit better. Its good to know there are treatment options available. I hope my mum is with me for longer than im assuming!