need some help please

I can’t seem to stop crying. I am in the process of applying for retirement on the grounds of ill health adn everything seems so horribly real. My onc asked me who my macmillan nurse was wjen i saw him on Monday and now I feel so low. I am trrying to get a sense of perspective but failing miserably. After 2 lots of iv chemo i am going on tablet chemo in a few weeks time. I suppose I am just battered by all the drugs
x sarah

Sending you a large virtual hug and a cup of something cheering.
Yup, the drugs and the whole thing are guaranteed to make us feel absolutely yuk from time to time. Be gentle with yourself if you can. Is there a way to find one nice thing a day to focus on - could be something very small e.g. fave tele program, good book, magazine, tea with a friend, whatever cheers you up a bit? I know that when I’m low, having tiny things to look forwards to makes some difference…

Ann x

Hi Sarah, you have a blooming good cry and I just know, from reading your previous posts, you will pick yourself up and get back on track. You have so much going on, it’s more than enough we are dealing with the constant wretched treatment! Throw in a treatment change and the retirement process (I’ve done that to) it’s all too much.
So…shout out…one of us will be listening out for you.
Love Belinda…xxxxx


How you feel is perfectly natural - I think we would all be so down about it. You’ve had so much chemo. and the prospect of more must be soul-destroying. Adding your work issues into the mix - I seem to remember you saying that some of the senior management in your school were not very supportive re:work hours and now your retirement situation, it is no wonder you feel so wretched. But, you seem like a usually bright and positive person from your posts and I’m sure that part of you will resurface in time. Hope you manage to feel better soon and we are all here for you.

Love, Sarahx

thanks for the support. I think part of my problem is that I havent had the ‘hit’ of steroids that I have been having weekly since january. I am having a pedicure this afternoon and lunch will be bangers and mash, a large piece of choc cake and a good book on the Kindle. My optmism is trying to peek out from under the duvet now. OH jhas just phoned and said all the right things bless him. What I would do without this site goodness knows!
x sarah