OK girls, heres a problem for you.

After some extensive radiotherapy I am now suffering from radiotherapy dermititis. Because of the nature of my cancer the breast cannot be removed and I have split skin underneath.

Has anyone any good ideas to get air to the skin besides sitting holding it up, if I do this at night I generally fall a sleep and all is lost.

Also I am on tamoxifen and herceptin and wondered if anyone suffers from a difference to their good breast as mine looks as if its lost the will to live and tingles sometimes.

By the way thanks for talking about sore feet, aching joints etc. I have them as well.

Hope to hear from you soon

Ouch. I used to lie on the bed under the celing fan holding it all up… You could try a large cotton wool pad underneath as they are v soft and it seperates the skin. Re sore feet. I was walking likea 90 year old yesterday. I am 45…lol


Forgot to say. Always dried the skin under my breast with the hairdryer set to cool.


Hello Jennip

I don’t know what to advise about holding the breast up but I do remember that I was told how important it was to dry very well underneath. My rads was in May/June when we did actually have some hot weather. To absorb the sweat I wore cotton M & S vests or 100% cotton T shirts tucked up under my breasts to give me a bit of support - while I was at home - and wore a bra only when I went out. It was quite comfortable and also kept the area dry.

Take care
Anthi x