Need to say goodbye for a while

Hi to all my “invisible friends”

I need to say goodbye for a short time, nothing to worry about, hope to be back in a couple of weeks.

Can I just take this opportunity of thanking you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing the last few weeks with me. Your support, help and advice, and sharing in my good news has been a truly heartwarming experience.

I shall miss talking to you all and send my love to everyone, especially Claire and LJ with their difficult times at present.

I may be logging on again under a different name so hope that you will be able to recognise me through things I say.

Love you all

Hi Jan, hope the reason is a good one!!! enjoy being away from here, ok, its a laugh and a joke at times, but most of the time we are well aware of the fear and pain that we have to go through. think i have spoken with you before, just give us a clue when you come back

lots of love