needing advice....

needing advice…

needing advice… After recovering from a mastectomy,chemo and my husband trading me in for a proper 2 breasted younger,fit female,I got on with my life.This was 10 yrs ago,I remarried and last year we took a “Granny Gap Year” & went and lived on board our tiny boat sailing to the med .Now( after having had a second lot of BC last sept) my husband wants us to take 5 yrs and sail round the world.Its an amazing way of life,BUT Im not really ready,Im not fit at all having put on so much weight and mentally feel fragile without all the wonderful hospital support I had during treatment.What would you do?? Our house would be rented out,this has been confirmed and we would live off that money.I havent got my home life back to normal yet let alone boxing up and packing all my things and handing over my home to someone…its my security blanket ! I just wanted to know what other BC survivers would suggest I do.Its my husbands dream,and could become mine too.Thanks for listening,I havent got anyone unbiased to ask or talk about this to.Take care Debsx

Hi Debs

My god, i think its to soon, if you had BC in september surely your treatment has only just finished?? After talking to a lot of people the worst part really is after the BC, your emotions are high one minute low the next, you really need to take a few months to recoup and like you said get fit, 5 years is a big commitment, amazing yes but if i was in your shoes i’d really want the hospital to be keeping a close eye on me, surely you must have some follow up appointments. I think you need to tell him how much you appreciate him and ask if he could be a bit patient for a little longer whilst you get your energy levels back and get fitter for this wonderful trip, you dont want anything to spoil it and tell him you feel it would be better to just delay it a few months or a year, however long you need and remember this is your life and your body, you need to still put yourself first at the moment, he sounds as though he’s a wonderful man and im sure would be understanding, I think your fears are understandable due to what your first rotten husband did.

Hope this helps, good luck


I think its a a fantastic oppertunity but you seem to have some valid is soon after treatment and follow up is important and sensible.You might have trouble getting insurance which is a big concern.I wonder if your lovely hubby is rushing this idea as his way of doing something proactive after what you have been thru.sit him down gently explain your concerns and perhaps putting it off for a year is more reasonable and you can get fit and in the right frame of mind to enjoy this fantastic trip.can l come in your suitcase!!!
love sharon x

for Tracy & Taffy Thanks so much for helping me see everything from another point of view and for caring!Deep down I feel that it should be put off for a while,I have followups in Oct &Nov so have to return anyway.He is still determined to go and ias I said its very relaxing when the weather is good…well ,sea is calm.I think I should I stood my ground when he first talked about it as Ive dug a hole for myself now.I did beleive that we wouldnt go as I recently had a scare about my liver & gallbladder.The results came back clear apar from a fatty liverand very tender gallbladder.all was fine.You two take care wont you,I will let you know how this muddle ends!!! Debs XX