needing advice

I have been through two surgeries and will start my chemo once this blooming seroma stops. Anyway i am wondering what help am i entitled to?
Someone said that i can claim for a blue badge while on chemo so that i can park near the entrance of the hospital plus other things. I am on the sick from my work and have been since my first surgery. I don’t have very much energy at the moment and rely alot on my OH and kids (teenagers) to help, if thats me now what am i going to be like on chemo? Also if i phone the helpline on this site what are the calls tariffs? Any advice would be appriciated.

Hi Vodka,

All calls to the helpline are free so no need to worry about that. The lines are open Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm and Sat 9am 2 - 2pm. 0808 800 6000 Give them a call I’m sure they’ll be able to advise you.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Vodka - might be worth asking at your hospital about a parking permit. I was treated at the Beatson in Glasgow (rads) and when I got the appointment sheet through there was a form to fill out with car details to get a permit - this entitled you to park free of charge whilst you got treatment or attended clinics. I didn’t actually use this as I had voluntary drivers who got free parking.

My friend’s husband got a blue badge due to cancer so worth applying for.

MIght be worth speaking to the MacMillan nurses regarding any benefits you can claim too whilst you are on the sick. If you are going to need prescriptions I would strongly advise you to take out a pre-paid prescription card - £48 for 12 months now in Scotland.

Hi Vodka
I would definitely contact the Macmilan nurses for advice on this, Also please allow them to fill in forms for you because benefits are so difficult to get even when valid and it does need experts to answer in the most acceptable fashion, Another point is that if you fill in answers to questions relating to what you can do. you need to reply with you at your very worst times.
I too was given a hospital carpark pass and was able to clalim travelling expenses [tiniest of amounts] from the hospital.
I do wish you well as worrying about financiall matters on top of everything else is so awful,


Thanks for your help.

Lilacblushes - i never new i could get a parking permit from the hosptal - thanks for that.

Margaret - i’ve got the forms but on looking through them it just seems to add to the stress so i think i will ask the McMillian nurses for help.

Thanks again ladies.
Ann x

Not all hospitals offer free parking to patients attending for treatment. Worth asking tho - and still apply for the blue badge as well.