Needle fear

Before I found out about the cancer in my body I was NEVER scared of needles but now, after all that has happened, I have a HUGE fear of them. It is so bad that when I go to have a blood test I have to lie down because I feel all faint and sick and not at all in control.

Strange that. I used to take my children with me whenever I had to have a blood test to show them that mummy wasn’t scared…but I can’t do that now as I am petrified of needles…

Anyone else in the same boat?

How do I get over this fear?

Hi Babyboo

I have developed a needle fear now too. It was pretty bad on my 5th chemo, I felt sick and scared, so on my 6th I just put my mind elsewhere and it was a lot better. I just thought about a film I wanted to see and pretended it wasn’t happening.

Sorry that’s all I can offer…

Cecelia. x

Don’t be at all worried about asking to lay down for the blood tests. I do that too. I find it helps me relax (a bit!).

I hate needles too…