Hi im 4 weeks since my last chemo im now experencing pins and needle in my fingers and feel like i have no grip have to put my fingers through the handles on the cups so i dont drop it is anyone else had this problem

Hi Elaine

That sounds like a tax side effect to me. Yes, I did have it but its better now.

Julia xx

Thanks for that was worrying a bit never had it before

I had it in my fingers and toes whilst on tax. It lasted a while after the tax ended but eventually passed off. I had all the feeling back after a few months of the end of tax. Mo

Yep, classic tax side effect. I felt it gradually building during tax and is still here now in finger snd toe tips. Is why my typing us always bad , honest!!! My onc says it almost always goes away entirely. I had to get someone to sew name tapes on my dons uniform as I really couldn’t hold the needle and push it through the material. I am four weeks after my last tax so early days for me I think!

See,total case in point. Should say sons uniform not dons uniform. Damn these blasted tingly fingers!

Same here, neuropathy slow to go 8 weeks past last tax, still have muscle/bone aches too. Been told can take 6-9 months to go…,ugh!