Hi Guys

I’ve just had the last of my 4 x paclitaxel/gemcitabine combo (hurray!), and am ‘looking forward’ to 4 x EC. Can anyone who’s been there tell me how they found the switch? I know chemo treats us all differently; I just feel a bit nervous, having got used to one lot of horrors! Any thoughts welcomed - and if the news is not encouraging, well it’s better to be prepared …

Cheers. Stockbeck

Hi, I had EC before taxol and gem. I was sick after each one that evening and would feel bad for 3 or 4 days but then pick up again quite quickly. I wouldn’t say it was any better or worse than taxol and gem but different. I have a friend who has just finished same treatment and she agrees that you can’t compare the two because they have completely different side affects, I know that she wasn’t as sick as I was so hopefully you won’t be either. You are given more anti sickness with EC and steroids to help you feel better. I hope this helps and isn’t too depressing, on a positive note when I had surgery all the cancer had gone so I wish you well and hope you have the same results. Take care.
Lisa x

I’m a month behind you, Stockbeck, but I’m looking forward to not having to be there for a 10 hour day…


hi there, I did the TANGO trial 3 yrs ago and mine was the other way around and I would say I found the Taxol and gemcitibine far worse than the EC, The aches and pains from Taxol were rotten compared to the sickness from EC and they can give you so many anti sickness drugs these days. After day 4 I felt I was starting to pick up. Good luck and it will so be done!
Love Gayle

Thanks, everyone. So, it sounds like I can expect to be a bit sicker, but less achy? That’s probably what I was expecting anyway, and it’s really good to know what I’m in for.

Flisam - excellent news that it zapped your cancer so effectively. My lump started to shrink within days of the first taxol, and my probing fingers now find a hollow where the lump used to be. It isn’t a nice treatment, but as my onc said, “It does what it says on the tin”. Thank goodness!

Cheers. Stockbeck

Hi Stockbeck,

I too am on the Neo-Tango trial but the opposite way round to you. I had my EC first and am due to have my 3rd Tax/Gem on Friday.

Personally I found the EC no problem at all. I was never sick, nor did I feel sick! I just felt a bit tired for the first few days, by day 4/5 I felt pretty much ‘normal’. Also the bonus with EC is it takes no time at all to administer (usually 40 minutes and that’s with pre meds!!)…so it’s not a full day at the hospital!!

Like you too my lump seems to be having a good zapping!!

Good luck with the rest of your treatment, I’m sure you’ll be just fine!