Nerve regeneration

This links to my last thead (sorry).


Well ,the numb rock is getting me down of late (the reconstruction) Why? Because i can’t feel a thing (as many of you can relate to i know). So, does anyone know of any kind of surgery which exists, at home or abroad, where the nerves can be put back together and feeling reappears?? Does anyone know anyone who has had this done successfully?


The numbness i feel is too much of a high price to pay and i actually am wishing today, that i had declined the MX and taken my chances! I may not feel that way today, but today i do, sorry.


I try and get my priorites right, my kids, OH and family. I try distracting myself, i try to think positively and do nice things. BUt, i can’t get away from what is attached to my body. I can’t connect with it at all.

Naz, I really feel for you, you are obviously having a hard time accepting the rock and the way it makes you feel. From your posts I don’t think I am as far along the treatment curve as you but the realisation that my feelings, ME, How I feel about myself …intimacy issues will ever be the same…How do we get over this? Is there treatment that can bring sensation back??I don’t know…but here’s hoping…sending you hugs xxx