nervous hi to all,
i am seeing my surgeon on the14th august. this will be my first appointment since treatment finished end of may. i am getting increasingly nervous and uptight. i dont know what to expect, so would appreciate if anyone can tell me what happens at these appointments. will i have an examination? how long can i expect to be there?
my first appoinment with oncologist is in november and same thing what will happen then? when can i expect to have first mammogram? i know all health trusts differ but would just like to have an idea of what will happen.
so glad to have all of you to speak to.
hey all you radi8tors!! how are you all doing?
love to all,
annie x

Hi Annie It will probably be a huge anti-climax! I spend less than 5 minutes in the consulting room during my check-ups. The doctor (and it’s usually a different one each time) examines my mastectomy site, remaining breast, spine and stomach and asks me if I’m feeling OK. No tests of any kind.

Both the oncologist and surgeon will probably just do a physical examination, and if all appears to be OK, they will make another appointment for 6 months time, so that you are seen by one or the other (or their registrars) every 3 months. My hospital only does mammograms every 2 years, so my first follow-up one was around the second anniversary of my diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

annie my experience was very like gandalfs - i thought they would do all sorts of tests etc, but basically they examined the area, felt the remaining breast, and then simply asked me how i felt . as gandalf said it was a huge anti climax.


thanks thanks carol and gandalf
nothing to worry about then, thank god, its just another step on the road to recovery!! thanks again for you replies.
annie x

Bring a notebook! I find these visits quite stressful. You often have to wait for a good while before you go in and then suddenly you are in and all your questions/concerns go out the window!

I only see my lady surgeon once a year and I have watched people come out quite annoyed/upset that they were just examined and that was it.

My technique now is to go in, let the surgeon talk a little and just when she says that she is about to examine me, I tell her that I have some questions, ( I have them written down in my notebook) and ask her can they be answered now or after the examination.

I often ask questions about my original diagnosis again as I did not have a notebook on that visit. I tell her about any illnesses/reactions I have had since the last visit and I have asked about my tablets and whether I can be changed to another tablet . (I was changed to Arimidex.) I usually finish by telling her what I have been doing to give myself support on the BC journey Then I can go out of that room satisfied that I got all my questions answered.

I spend a quiet time at home working out my questions, because I find I am too tense to write them out in the waiting room.

This is only one out of two times during the year you get to ask all those questions that are bothering you. Take that time before you go in and you will walk out a more relieved person.