Neutropenic again

I’m on my second round of AC and, just like round 1, I’ve got 0 neutrophils. My WBC is not existant as well and I’m feeling very vulnerable. I am at home in pretty much total isolation. My two children can’t come within 10 feet of me (and seeing a they’re only 4 & 5 this is very hard for them too). My DH also has to keep his distance.

I’m having GCSF jabs to boost WBC and neutrophils but they’re not really doing the job.

Has anyone else found that they got neutropenic with each cycle of chemo? What did you do?

I was ‘almost’ there on my 1st round, so hoping that they have gone back up enough for next round on tuesday. It’s horrible feeling being that vunerable. I hope it picks up very soon for you.

Paula xx

Yes, I really struggled throughout although other SEs were ok and I felt ok most of the time. 3 of my 8 cycles were delayed, and by the end I was up to 10 GCSF injections between cycles. GCSFs are very expensive, so make sure they don’t hold back with the number given. They did work for me, ie I managed all 8 doses despite the problems.


My wbc was 0.5 on the first two rounds and so delayed, then i had the injections, which gave me terrible bone aches.

A week before my 5th chemo I started a liver detox strict diet, no salt, no dairy, no saturated fat, no red meat and tons and tons of fruit and veg, whole grains and seeds. I am out walking 30-45 mins every day and taking a few vitimin supplements.

I have almost NO SEs after my 5th chemo (Had been in bed for a week after my 4th). The change was virtually instant.

I refused the injections after my 5th chemo, even though the consultant did not want to risk any more delays.

Not only do I feel fantastic, and have had minimal side effects, my wbc was 5.2 WITHOUT the injections. I am on Tax ad was supposed to take 24 steriods over 3 days - I took 4 and feel fine.

I have just been for a 1.5 hour walk over the downs, chemo was two days ago.

I have posted a couple of times about diet on here, and I can’t tell you what a HUGE difference eating properly makes and how much more bearable the chemo is. I have two 7 year old boys and they are so much happier now that I am functioning so well, not ill and not tired.

I got a lot of good info from

You have a choice and I believe stuffing ourselves full of yet more drugs to counteract the SEs only makes all the problems worse.

It is tough lifestyle change but the rewards are so worth it!