Never thought I'd be here!

Hi everyone. Well, I never thought I would be here! Last year my sister died of breast cancer so It has been a really tough few months for us all. The BCC forum was an absolute lifeline to me then and I met some fabulous and inspirational people.
But today I have just returned from the one-stop breast clinic after finding a lump in my left breast. In all honesty I had about me this calm that cancer couldn’t strike twice in the same family - particularly since we don’t have a history of it. But after a mamogram and an ultrasound, the doctor found a clump of cysts - big sigh of relief all round! The mamogram was clear thankfully - but she did say that because I was 39 sometimes they aren’t very useful!! (Why do they do them then???) Then, while she was fiddling about with the ultrasound to drain the cysts she found a hard dense lump, which I certainly hadn’t felt. I had to have a core biopsy - not the most comfortable of procedures! - and despite the fact I was at a one stop clinic they told me I couldn’t have the results today as they were so backed up and the lab wouldn’t be looking at my biopsy until Monday at the earliest - and then the clinic is then closed for a week because of staff shortages!! My appointment for the results is 10 July, so it is going to be a long 12 days.

I can’t help but worry and think the worse and all I can think of is how awful it would be for my parents to have this happen again. They have been through so much. Hopefully it will all be OK, but the doc was so non-commital - I am sure they must have special training in being non-commital!!

So fingers crossed that everything is OK and I send lots of hugs to everyone who is waiting for results.


I hope the result is no cancer but let us know.


Hi Dexter,
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister,and now the dreadful worry of waiting for results yourself.
Wishing you luck for the 10th, I get my biopsy results on the 17th.
I will be thinking of you, sending you love and hugs and hope for good news.
Rosamund xxx

Hiya Dexter
What an awful wait! I also have results on the 10th(from my lumpectomy and centinal node biopsy). Let us know how you get on and good luck!
Also lots of luck to Rosamund

Hiya Dexter,

blimey what a worry for you after the tragic loss of your sister. A couple of you are getting results on the same day and I shall certainly be thinking of you. I also went to a one-stop shop but thankfully got my results within an hour. Unfortunately the news for me was not so good, but hey-ho, onwards and upwards. I’m well into my chemo now following my mastectomy so hopefully any little nasties are well and truly banished!!!

Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,