new and worried, even though they said after the breast examination was normal

Hi all,

I originally posted this in the ‘appointments…’ section but felt it more appropriate to post it here. I’ll try delete the old post…


I’ve just 27 and went to the gp when i noticed a thickened area, kinda lumpy, on the upper outer part of my right breast. I noticed it because i accidentally touched it and it was abit tender and large.

He had a quick feel and referred me to the Breast clinic.

I got seen pretty quickly about 6 days after my referal maybe longer but my mind is foggy.


It was the quickest thing - went in and the doctor examined my breasts and then said it was nothing and normal.

I know she is an expert and I should trust her but I’m still not convinced. It is a new area that  is not normally like that and has started to feel painful. Since my original Gp appointment ive also started to get a shooting sharp pain from behind my nipple that kind of radiates up out through the nipple, if that makes sense. it ony lasts a second or less but is recurring.


I dunno I just feel I know my body well and these symptons aren’t normal for me.

I’ve gone through my cycle and the area of concern is still there, and i’m about 7 or 8 days after i finished my period and the pain s still there in the one breast.

the doctor did ask me about my menstrual cycle or anythign either which i thought she would if she considered it do be due to hormonal changes or something…


At the breast clinic appointment i was expecting to get atleast an ultrasound just to make sure - i think that would’ve put my mind at rest…is it normal not to get any other tests? I figured they didnt do anything because of my young age.




Hi flowerbomb

I’m sure fellow members will soon be along to offer you some support.

You could also give our Helpline a call to talk things over.  They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support.  They will be open tomorrow from 10-2 and on weekdays 9-5.  The number is 0808 800 6000. 

Very best wishes


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Hi, I have the exact same symptoms only in my left breast! I am 24 and have also been referred to a breast clinic, I am still waiting for an appointment and am absolutely terrified! Have you been back to your doctors?? As I would not be happy with that! Xx