New BC Diagnosis

Hi everyone! Im 46yrs old and I am new here. This Dec 7th my plastic surgeon removed from my left 3cm that turned out to be cancer Her2. One week later I was sent to a breast specialist that scared me. I I had a mammagram no abnormal cells were found in either breast but I had a swollen lymph node under my left arm. In which a core biopsy was done a confirmed her2 . So, this coming Tuesday I will be meeting with an oncologist to discuss treatment. I feel like I’m in a nightmare. Somebody please talk to me.

So sorry you find yourself here, godsgirl & yes, it’s all such a shock, we’ve all been there. Being just diagnosed is the pits, but it does get better when a treatment plan is in place, which it soon will be.
There is loads of support here, with others going through similar things at the same time as you, you are not alone.
Do come here & chat & avoid general googling as it does not help in managing the anxiety. Use this site or macmillan for info.
When you know what the treatment plan is, do look at the other threads so that you can chat & get support from others going through treatment at a similar stage to you.
ann x

Hi godsgirl … First im so so sorry you are going thru this awful time …
I am 41 and I have got stage 2 lobular invasive tumour with duct involved and they did biopsy and found it in my lymph node too … I want you to read moijans post it’s on the newly diagnosed post or I put a link message on the tips page - it made me feel so much better as she had nearly this diagnosis and that was 12 years ago. There are lots more positive stories too so have a read of some of the threads if you can.
I’m at nearly the same stage as you and understand your fears . But there is so much positivity on here I feel I can beat this now ( unlike a couple of weeks ago ) . So things will get easier even if it doesn’t feel like it now … we are here for you I promise xxx zena massive (((((hugs)))))
I’m waiting for MRI results to get my plan and as Ann said that should ease the waiting fears xx

Hi godsgirl, that is a great way of describing it when first diagnosed … a nightmare!! I agree with what Ann says and things do become a lot calmer once you have a treatment plan in place. If you have any questions then there are plenty of people that will be able to help or give you their experiences. Keep coming on here to chat and join in with other ladies … Sarah xx