new cancer

Posting on this thread cos not sure where is apt.
Dx Wednesday after various scans biopsy etc with cler cell renal carcinoma!!
Suppose im feeling shellshocked!
Was worried about mets from breast but this a new cancer.
Doc says im just unlucky. Suppose that a new one on the comments front. Usually told im lucky as my breast cancer was early stages and i did not need chemo, just surgery and radiotherapy.
Any to cut a long story short, meet with surgeon yeasterday and booked in
for nephrectomy August 8th.
Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
Trying hard to be positive but worying im falling apart.

I was so sorry to hear the results of the biopsy Ann. You will get through this, just as you got through bc. I would say unlucky is a bit of an understatement, but I suppose it sort of sums it up.

Will be thinking of you on the 8th August.


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I, too, had another primary cancer last year- mine was on my tongue. Supposedly absolutely nothing to do with the breast cancer I had four years previously. I, too, was “lucky” (touch wood) in that both of my cancers were caught early (but I continue to be worried about recurrences - still have to have my mouth checked every month). But I still think it is rather bad luck to have cancer twice!

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you.



My heart goes out to you. What a shock it must have been for you …and I agree…doctors often seem to be masters of understatement. I’ll be thinking of you on the 8th and hoping that everything goes well for you.
Take care …and yes a positive mental attitude in anything really does help (although I agree it is sometimes hard to keep it up).

Just wanted to say thanks for your best wishes girls.
Today am feeling more positive and getting over the initial shock.
Now playing the waiting game till surgery but now i know what is happening and gathering all the info from the surgeon, feeling better.
Will keep you posted.
My thoughts go out to all the women on this site.
Have read and been inspired by the stories i follow.

Annieo - Hi just wanted to say I know exactly how you are feeling. I am now facing cancer for the 2nd time (both unrelated) it’s more than unlucky it’s bloody cruel. But we have beaten it once already - I am 10 years down the line from first - so we can do it again! With love and best wishes to you - stay in touch

Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi - your right Tracey for this to happen twice is so bloody cruel. I feel so angry on reading that this has happened to you. Thinking of all you ladies and wishing you strength. Margaret

Hi all of you
Thanks Tracey and Margaret for your kind words
Sorry to hear Tracey you are going through cancer for the second time too
Now i know im not alone, wishing you good luck with your second journey through this horrible(understatement) disease
Can i ask what type you have now been dx with?
Ann xx

Hi Ann - of course -you can ask me anything. Was dx last week with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Stage II. Don’t know much more yet. You can read my thread DESPERATE AND SCARED which will tell you more about me.

I started off the day really bad today, but I am coming round a bit now, It’s all a rollercoaster isn’t it.

Stay in touch,
Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi ladies
Just updating you all on my progress
Had nephrectomy 8th and got home 11th
All went ok, just taking it easy and being pampered at home now
Have appt with consultant on 29th for results etc so the waiting game is upon me yet again
Im sure we all agree this is the most difficult part
Best wishes and my love to you all

Hi Ann

Good to hear that your op went OK and you are now being looked after at home!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you for the 29th - it seems such a long time to wait.

Look after yourself and do some nice things while you are waiting.

Gwyn xxx

Hi annieo sending you good vibes and best wishes good luck x

Hi Annie
Your right it is the waiting that is so difficult. I have just had a second lump investigated and had to wait three weeks for an appointment. Even when you think your doing ok underneath the fear doesn’t go does it? Fortunately for me it was ok.
I am glad that your supported at home and able to be pampered.
Take care

Hope this finds you all well as can be
Thanks for the words of support
Having a bad day today, crying a lot, wish i wasnt but hey, control isnt ours is it ladies
Maybe the reality of the situation has hit hit me, i dont know
I hate to feel like this as i follow a lot of the threads on bcc and i know others suffer terribly
My thoughts and prayers are with all the ladies on this site
As they say yesterdays history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift
Im trying hard to live for the moment
My love to you all

Dear Ann,

I’m so sorry you are having a down day today.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many of us that don’t have these days - you are not alone. I think it’s good to cry and let some of the anguish out - we have so much to deal with, it can all seem to much to bear sometimes. As you say living for the moment is hard, because we all want to know there is a future. I wish I could make you feel better.

Glad that your surgery is over and that you are recovering well. I had mine last thursday, so like you, I’m now back to the waiting for results again. It does your head in - all this waiting. I’m sending you all good vibes and wishes for a good outcome, which I’m sure it will be for you.

Take care,
Love Traceyxxxx

Hi Tracey
thinking about your results, no news? feeling physically better, now able to potter round make bed etc
think its the waiting that is doing my head in just like you, next friday i will know
praying that the kidney cancer has not spread, nothing else we can do during this time eh?
breast ca has kinda taken a back seat, one to worry about is enough right now
best wishes to you all