New combination of two drugs prolongs life

New combination of two drugs prolongs life

New combination of two drugs prolongs life Just caught this on BBC breakfast news, not clear of the details, can’t find anything on the internet at the moment, got an appointment to have my back wound drained so just dashing this off - apparently they’ve found that using a combination of two drugs prolongs life in patients with advanced breast cancer for one year where they were only given seven months and this treatment has potential in the treatment of early breast cancer as well.

I’m going to try to cycle (very slowly) to the hospital as the parking up there is impossible and I hate shivering at bus stops - should be interesting as I’m suffering from chronic piles. Oh the joys of spring!

Statement by Breast Cancer Care HI all

Breast Cancer Care has made a statement on the research Bernie mentions. It is on this site at

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News item It’s coming up as an item on the ITV lunchtime news now

Avastin makes herceptin look cheap It is good that there has been this advance, but before anyone gets too excited, I should point out that avastin is incredibly expensive. The New York Times has run articles noting that some U.S. patients are chosing not to get the drug because they can’t afford the co-payment, the small portion of the drug’s cost many people have to pay to get a drug through their health plans. According to the New York Times, Genentech have pretty much decided to price it at what the market will bear and I can’t imagine it will be cheap here, either, given how expensive herceptin, a similar drug by the same company, is. As such, I can’t imagine that the NHS will readily embrace it, even if the final trials turn out to be as good as the first ones.

All sounds promising but will we have to go to court to get it?

Avastin Hi, I’m a man with metastatic breast cancer (lung mets) and am currently being treated with Avastin coupled with Adramycin. I’ve had 3 cycles and have my fourth next week. As far as I know, it’s only dispensed privately at the moment and if it’s successful (I have a CT Scan in early April to find out), I’ll need to fund it myself indefinitely. You are right that it’s expensive but it seems I have few choices, with Hobson’s being one of them.

I’ve previously had FEC, Herceptin, Taxotere and Capecitabine without success so Avastin is currently my best hope. Was d/x in December 04 so am 15 months in to treatment.

Good luck to all.


Hello Brendan Hi, just wanted to wish you well with your treatment. I have mets too and have been reading good reports of Avastin from the U.S. cancer sites, Good Luck.

Brendan Good luck to you Brendan, good to know someone here is getting the new drug. If it works for you it will be scandalous to be told you have to fund it yourself. Keep us posted.

Hi Brendan I hope avastin works really well for you.

Having had to pay for preventative herceptin for four months, even though my oncologist was 100% certain that I would benefit from it and even though the phase III trial clearly at least delayed recurrence, I completely sympathise with you. It’s your money or your life, quite literally.

I guess I am just a bit frustrated because, although I realise that the drugs companies are making some good progress on cancer right now and need some reward for what they do, I am troubled that avastin is 2.5 times the cost of herceptin and wonder where it will all end. If they cure cancer, will I and the NHS be able to afford it?

Another postcode lottery On Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, two women with bowel & liver cancer were interviewed. They both need Avastin.

One is 26 and her PCT has refused to pay for it, the other (don’t know how old she is, but it shouldn’t matter) has had it funded, has several tumours in her liver and Avastin has shrunk one large tumour so that she can have surgery. Before Avastin, her cancer was inoperable.

They interviewed someone from the PCT that refused Avastin usual blather - needs to be licensed so they know it’s safe, refusal nothing to do with cost - yeah right…

Did anyone see the Panorama Prog last night about the financial mess of the NHS? As Christine says - where will it all end?