New Dates - Younger Women Together 2014/15

                                                     Younger Women Together

                                    Two days of information, support and sharing



Would you like to meet up with other women aged 20-45 to share your experiences, get your questions answered about the medical management of breast cancer in younger women, and find out how healthy eating and exercise can benefit you?

Breast Cancer Care’s Younger Women Together events are designed to do all these things and much more! Forums are open to anyone aged 20-45 who has been diagnosed with primary breast cancer within the last three years. The two-day programme of talks, workshops and social time, including all meals and accommodation, is completely free of charge.

We know it can be nerve-wracking to sign up to two days away from home with a group of strangers, especially when you’re also dealing with the aftermath of a breast cancer diagnosis.

So, to bring it to life and help you decide whether a event is for you, 10 women who have come along over the years have shared their stories in this short film.…

Events are held across the UK and there are no geographical restrictions, so please feel free to choose the one that suits you best.

Edinburgh 7/8 March 2014

London 9/10 May 2014
Nottingham 20/21 June 2014

Leeds 26/27 September 2014

Bristol 21/22 November 2014

Liverpool 31/31 January 2015

If you would like more details or to request a booking form, please call us on 0845 077 1893 or email


Best wishes


I am booked onto the London one in May and would love to get in touch with any one else who is also going to that one to help break the ice a bit!
Jo x

Hello I was wondering if another one will be held in Edinburgh later on in the year? I would have loved to have gone to it but my last chemo falls on the 7th March.



Hi Jo, I have signed up to go to the London event in May too!  It does feel a little nerve wracking but we are all in this together and it will good to meet other ladies to talk to.


Whereabouts are you from?

Emma x

Hi Emma!! I am from tonbridge in Kent, what about you? I am terrible at these kinds of things, walking into a room of strangers always terrifies me! So hopefully we can all get to know each other a bit on here first so no one feels like a Billy no mates!!! I am 2 years post diagnosis and currrenty on tamoxifen, what about you? Xxxx jo

Hi Jo, I live in Horsham in West Sussex.  I know what you mean, it can feel a little scary walking into a room of strangers!  I’m 35 and was diagnosed August last year.  I had a WLE and lymph node sample taken and they luckily got it all.  I finished chemo on Valentine’s Day and due to start radiotherapy in March and Tamoxifen from April.  Still feeling the effects of the last chemo at the moment.  For some reason it has really affected my tummy this time around and its not pleasant!!


How are you doing two years on?


Emma xx

Hi Emma, I am ok. Had many post treatment side effects that I am unfortunatwly still dealing with but no recurrence or anything so at least that is good. I was diagnosed age 41.had my chemo first, then surgery, ( partial mastectomy), then rads now tamox.

My husband ia working in horsham at the moment!! Do you have much in the way of support groups or know othwr ladies in same boat near you? X jo

Hi Jo, sorry to hear you’re still suffering with side effects.  I had my CT scan yesterday in preparation for radiotherapy which is due to start on the 24th March so at least I get a bit of a break between treatments.


I’m having all my treatment at Brighton hospital so its a bit of a trek to get there everyday but its got to be done!  I’m hoping the radiotherapy will be a walk in the park compared to chemo but I have quite fair skin so not sure how I will react to it.  A little nervous about starting the Tamoxifen too from all the horror stories.


No I don’t know anyone else locally with BC.  I believe there is a support group at Crawley Hospital but haven’t been along to it.  A lot of time its older women as well who are a bit more difficult to relate to which is why these younger women’s forums are a great idea.


Hope you’re having a good week so far.  I went back to work today after having a break to recover from my last chemo cycle.  I’m doing shorter days but its nice to get back to a bit of normality!


Emma x

Good luck with the rads. It does get a bit tiring every day but it soon passes. Just be warned if you are working you may get really tired, and the skin gets a bit sore but they’ll tell you what to do with it and they should keep an eye on it, especially towards the end. Mine peeled a few times in the few weeks after I finished. But no worse than mild sunburn. If you ever want to meet up for a coffee perhaps we could meet half way between Horsham and tonbridge sometime. East grinstead is about half way. I don’t know it that we’ll but I am willing to explore. I am only working part time still as I still get so tired, even now.

I was actually thinking of setting up a breast cancer support group round my way but don’t know how to go about it. I thought maybe advertise on Facebook but don’t want to attract a load of weirdos!!! Anyway if you want to meet up before your reads start let nee know. X

Just wanted to let you know there is a Facebook group called younger breast cancer network UK. Which you can request to join by posting a message on their page, and once a member thete is also a thread on there about people who are going to the London forum in May. Xx